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Longboard Parts

Longboarding can be fun if you are looking for a fast way to get around. Having the right parts can make a big difference in how you skate. There are many different longboards and skate parts available.

What are the features of a longboard?

Longboard decks are usually made from plywood. A longboard deck could be anywhere from two to 11 layers of thin wood pressed together. The wood could be birch, male, oak, bamboo, or koa.

Most decks for longboarding are somewhere between 35 to 50 inches long and 8.5 to 10 inches wide. Longer skateboard decks can perform smooth, wide curves. Shorter deck skateboards are suited for making sharper turns.

How do you ride a longboard?
  • Place the longboard on the ground and put one foot on the middle of the board.
  • Use your opposite foot to push off the ground. After pushing off, place it on the board so that your feet are shoulder-width apart.
  • Push off the ground to pick up speed. Keep your standing leg bent for balance.
  • Gently lean your body in the direction that you would like to turn. Your board will follow as you shift your weight.
  • To stop a longboard: Keep your standing foot on the longboard and put your pushing foot over the ground. Lower the pushing foot to make gentle contact with the ground until you have stopped.
What do trucks do on a longboard?

The longboard trucks hold the wheels to the skateboard. You will have front and rear skateboard trucks. Longboard trucks have baseplates that mount to skateboard decks, and kingpin bolts are connected to truck baseplates. A kingpin also connects the axle/hanger to the skateboard bushings. You should use four bushings for each skateboard.

What are some different shapes of longboard skateboard decks?
  • Pintails: The most common style of longboard skateboard has a tapered shape from tip to tail, like a surfboard.
  • Cruisers: Cruiser skateboards do not taper as much, and have wider kicktails. You can put pressure on the kicktail to make tight turns or do tricks.
  • Freeride Decks: These rigid longboard skateboards typically have symmetrical designs. This is suited for doing tricks, since you will be turning in many different directions and switching feet frequently.
How do you choose longboard wheels?

Nearly all skateboard wheels are made from polyurethane. Longboard wheels generally have diameters from 49-75 mm. The size of longboard wheels allow you to do different things. Larger wheels will let you ride faster, whereas smaller ones are more maneuverable. 70mm longboard wheels are a favorite of many riders.

What is the function of longboard skate bearings?

Every skateboard has ceramic or steel bearings inside the skate wheels. This feature allows them to rotate around the fixed axle without too much friction building up while skateboarding. Most skateboard bearings are 608 bearings, meaning they have an 8mm core, a 7mm width, and a 22mm outer diameter. Those with higher ABEC ratings are more premium.