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Icelandic Coins

Coins from Iceland, including multiples of their kronur and aurar pieces, are available in a variety of values. You can find Icelandic coins from several production years. Different Icelandic coins sometimes have different chemical compositions as well.

What coin values are available from Iceland?

You can find Icelandic coins in several face values. Some coins are available as parts of sets, or you can choose individual coins. Some common values for this currency from Iceland include:

  • Aurar coins with a value of 10, each produced over various years. The first official coins of Iceland were the 10 and 25 aurar pieces. The country began producing such currency in 1922, just shortly after gaining autonomy from Denmark.
  • You can also find kronur pieces in values of 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100 kronur. Iceland introduced the first kronur pieces in 1925, but it still took some time before all of the values mentioned here circulated throughout the country.
  • Kronur pieces are available to buy in both circulated and uncirculated varieties. You can also purchase a mixed batch that will include both types of kronur or aurar.
  • Some Icelandic kronur have been fashioned into numismatic jewelry.
  • Commemorative special edition silver kronur complete with display cases and backing are also made.
What is the composition of a coin from Iceland?

Icelandic currency has been produced using various chemical components over the years. Some materials are used to make everyday currency production while others are saved for special edition items or those that commemorate a specific event or time period. Some of the most common materials used to make Icelandic money include:

  • Steel currency with a jacket of nickel placed over the outer edges of the kronur. Note that you can purchase Iceland kronur that has a nickel mixture in two varieties. Nickel-clad kronur has a skin of nickel placed over the item through a mechanical process. Nickel-plated currency has had a nickel shell added to it via an electrochemical process. The methods used in cladding mean that it generally has a thicker skin than the plated variety.
  • Currency fashioned entirely from nickel with no additional alloys or plating.
  • Pieces of silver are also available and typically found as part of a commemorative set, though this is not always the case.
  • Bronze may be used in some older pieces.
How do you store currency from Iceland?

There are a few basic steps you can take to store your Icelandic collection. One simple way to keep track of your collection is to use plastic tubes or coin books specifically designed for such pieces. If youre keeping your collection in storage in one location, you should choose an environment with moderate temperatures and low humidity.