Art Prints

Art Prints

Put the finishing touches on your decor with classic and contemporary art prints. Art prints are an accessible way to incorporate elements of refinement, color, and texture into your home or office design scheme.

What are giclee art prints?

"Giclee" refers to a fine arts printing technique. Giclee prints are typically based on original artwork that ranges from oil on canvas to acrylic, watercolor, or photographs. The process entails the use of high-quality pigments printed via inkjet onto durable, archival canvas, paper, metal, wood, or another surface. Although giclee prints are usually reproductions, art creators also utilize giclee printing techniques to create new works that are called giclee prints. Generally, giclee is respectable and embraced within the fine arts world, and upwards of 70% of fine arts galleries sell some form of giclee prints.

What are limited edition prints?

An edition refers to a series of prints created from a single plate. A limited edition undergoes a single printing and consists of a limited number of prints. Each print bears two numbers: one number denotes the prints number in the series, and the second number indicates the total number of prints in the limited edition. Limited editions are special because they are always approved of and overseen by the artist. The artist/creator signs each print, vouching for its authenticity and, in turn, inaugurates its provenance.

Where should you hang an art print?

There are no hard and fast rules. You can hang your art wherever you like. There are certain soft rules about how to hang an art print. For example, always hang your art 57 inches on center. This is a gallery technique that optimizes the average eye height, the sweet-spot view. 57 inches on center means that the artworks center is 57 inches above the floor, so your hook or hanging hardware must be even higher.

Also, to achieve a balanced layout when hanging arrangements, hang your heavier or larger pieces on the left and your lighter or smaller frames in the center and to the right. This mimics the Western eyes tendency to interpret information from left to right and, according to experts, compels the viewers eye to flow without interruption.

Are there prints featuring Old Master works?

Yes, everything you might encounter in a museum exists in an art print form, such as Gustav Klimt, Edgar Degas, Picasso, da Vinci, and Monet.

Whats the point of stretched canvas art prints?

Stretching canvas prints prepares them for display. Galleries and professional artists stretch canvas using sturdy, premium-quality stretcher bars. Stretched canvas prints can be displayed within the stretcher bars for a rustic exhibition look or framed for a more refined installation. Stretching canvas prints transforms the printed image, making images seem brighter and sharper.

Some canvas prints are sold rolled, and you can stretch them yourself if you so choose. Stretching isnt absolutely necessary, and, luckily, pre-stretching is so standard that most prints are stretched before they get to you.