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About Apple iPhone 4s
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Apple iPhone 4s - Price New and Used

New Price*
from $65 to $230
Used Price*
from $29 to $43
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Apple iPhone 4s Cell Phone
Apple iPhone 4s
Screen Size
3.5 inches
Display Resolution
Operating System
iOS 5, upgradeable to 9.3.5
Camera (Rear/Front)
4.54 x 2.31 x 0.37 inches
4.94 oz
Internal Memory
8/16/32/64 GB
512 MB
Dual-core 1.0 GHz
Battery Capacity
Up to 8 hours 3G talk time (1432 mAh)

What Are Key Features of the iPhone 4s?

A built-in virtual assistant, a back camera, and a 1080p HD sensor are some of the most notableiPhone 4s features. It also supports iOS 5, which gives users access to a wide range of apps and features, such as iCloud and iMessage. The device has AirPlay mirroring, which allows iPhone 4s owners to cast the screen images onto a compatible Apple TV. Another new feature is the redesigned dual-antenna system that provides stronger signal strength and faster internet connection speeds. Lastly, the 4s is available on various carrier networks, including Sprint and Verizon. Additionally, a wide selection of unlocked iPhone 4s devices is available on eBay, allowing users to choose the service provider or prepaid plan they prefer.

What is the iPhone 4s Siri? Siri is the built-in virtual assistant on the iPhone 4s. In essence, this voice-recognition program can process specific questions and commands and then provide answers to inquiries. Siri can even learn the names of people in the contact list and their phone numbers and email addresses. This makes communication a breeze, even when users are on the go. The program can work with various iPhone 4s apps, including FaceTime, Reminders, Calendar, Messages, and Mail. However, users do need to program the voice-recognition software before utilizing the system. For example, the language and pronunciations of certain words need to be fine-tuned.

Are you ready to make the switch? Of course, you are! The iPhone 4s is a great, reliable smartphone with all the necessary features. Still trying to figure it out and looking for a different iPhone? Check out the newer models of the iPhone 4s for sale on eBay. You can find various iPhone 4s prices on eBay.