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Shopping for Yeti Cycles Bikes on eBay: a Guide

Whether you're a competitive mountain cyclist or a recreational rider who wants a top-quality bike, Yeti Cycles is for you. And when you buy on eBay, you can purchase a full bike or a frame to customize as you wish. Here's how to find the right one for you.

How can you choose the right type of bike?

While all affordable Yeti bikes for sale are high-end models that deliver quality, the first step in buying one is narrowing down the bike's primary purpose. Exploring the broad classes of specialty bikes made by Yeti will help you choose:

  • Endurance--Some bikes, like the SB 150, are made specifically for endurance riding. While they're lightweight for easier long rides, they also are designed to keep you comfortable over ultra-long races or endurance rides.
  • Trail--These bikes are optimized for riding trails. Differences in geometry and suspension make them suited for navigating bumpy, rough terrain while still delivering a smooth riding experience.
  • Cross country--If most of your rides are in the open country as opposed to on woodland trails, these bikes are a good choice. However, a cross country bike can still handle trail terrain.
Partial versus full suspension models

Another major factor when purchasing a Yeti SB 150 or other bike is the suspension. These bikes come in partial suspension with shocks on the front wheel or full-suspension with shocks at both wheels. Generally speaking, a partial suspension bike will be lighter, but a full-suspension offers a smoother ride. However, since Yeti bikes are lightweight, if you routinely ride over bumpy terrain, a full-suspension may be ideal. If the trails you ride aren't generally rough, you may prefer a partial suspension.

Common models you are likely to see

When you buy on eBay, you have the option of purchasing one of many 2019 new or used Yeti bikes or going for an older model. While the bikes made by Yeti are too numerous to mention, these are some of the models you're likely to come across:

  • SB 165 - This versatile bike is made for both trail and endurance riding, and it's ideal if you like to vary the terrain you ride over.
  • SB 150 - This bike is lightweight and especially suited to race use.
  • SB 140 - This trail bike features Switch Infinity suspension technology and is particularly well-suited to riding on dirt.
  • SB 130 - Another versatile option, this bike has upgraded technology and is made for both trail and endurance rides.
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