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Wrist & Ankle Weights

When it comes to staying fit and healthy there are some simple things you can do that make a big difference. Adding wrist and ankle weights to your routine is one of them. Providing a gentle introduction to weights or even adding extra resistance to an existing fitness routine, wrist and ankle weights are a great addition to your repertoire, whatever fitness level you're at.

Why Wrist and Ankle Weights Are Useful

Wrist and ankle weights are a good way to add resistance when doing a cardiovascular workout, such as walking on a treadmill or outside. Or if you've already built up a good level of fitness by running, for example, a pair of ankle weights gives a resistance dimension to your run and stops your progress from stagnating.

If you're new to exercise, wrist and ankle weights are a great way to introduce some small challenges when developing a fitness routine. The weights go around your wrists and ankles, so if you have problems with grip then you needn't worry about dropping a heavy weight. The added weight when making simple movements such as raising the arms above the head challenges muscles and builds strength.

Selection of Weights

There is a choice of weights available, the lightest being 0.5kg and the heaviest 10kg. Which weights you choose depends on a variety of factors such as existing fitness and mobility and what you want to achieve.

If you're confident with what you can manage then you can choose several weights that match your abilities. Or why not consider a selection of weights ranging from lighter to heavier? Stagger your training, building up to the heavier ones. Some training routines require a range too, so if you're serious about your training, a selection would be a good idea.

You may also find that you're better able to lift heavier weights with your legs, thanks to the large, powerful muscles of the lower body. So, you might like to choose a lighter pair of weights for your wrists and heavier ones for your ankles.