Wood Home Decorative Masks

Wood Home Decorative Masks

Many cultures have produced decorative masks as symbols of their tribe, to honor the gods, seek fertility, and more. Hand-carved wooden masks have been placed on walls in recent times as art. Paint, plain wood, and other materials are used to make decorative masks and mount them on the walls of a home or office.

What cultures have produced the wooden masks?

Wooden masks have been produced throughout the globe. Masks can be found that have originated in such countries and regions as:

  • Thailand
  • Bali
  • Nepal
  • Ghana
  • Africa
  • Mexico
What styles of masks from Africa can be found?

There are many different types of African decorative masks. These decorative wooden masks might have detailed carvings that celebrate animals, the environment, or a region. Some mask art has been recently carved in the tradition of tribal artists of the past. Included are carved masks such as:

  • Hair Mask: A wooden tiki mask that is crafted with a string-like material surrounding it.
  • Family Values: This mask is related to the Hausa Tribe.
  • Good Mother: A wooden mask relating to Obaapa in the Akan language of Ghana.
  • Belonging: A wood mask with a hand painting of fish symbolizing the environment.
  • New Love: A mask related to Odo Foforo in the Akan language.
How can these wooden masks be displayed as art?

Many of the masks are meant to be hung on the wall of a home or office. They have a string loop on the back. Masks may be grouped together by country, themes, or materials. Some items might have a hole in the back for hanging.

Decorative masks are meant to be hung as art, although some may be leaned on a shelf or propped up on books.

Are there Nigerian wood decorative masks mixed with other materials?

Yes, a number of hand-carved and beaded art styles can be found. For example, a man of the Igbo tribe in Nigeria might make an art mask to express the beauty of a woman. Embossed aluminum might be added to the Oduduwa mask. Brass is added to another Nigerian mask, Maigaya, which means faithfulness; this mask is comprised of brass elements and is highly painted.

What other materials have been combined with wood in decorative masks?

A range of other materials, in addition to paint, have been combined with wood in the making the art of a decorative mask. These may include:

  • Glass beads
  • Ceramic beads
  • String
  • Metals