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Women's Polka Dot Tops and Blouses

Polka dots are timeless, and this circular pattern has been embellishing tops for decades. Available in a range of colors, brands, and styles, polka dot tops instantly add pizzazz to any woman's look. Whether you're opting for a more casual feel or a dressy look, there's an appropriate polka dot top to match any mood or occasion.

What Are Some Polka Dot Top Styles?

Versatility is important when it comes to choosing a shirt embellished with polka dots. Some styles of polka dot shirts work for during the day, while others may work better for nighttime looks. Select from a range of figure-flattering designs in a variety of colors.

  • Short Sleeve: For warm-weather wear, opt for a shirt with short sleeves. These span from T-shirts to button-up blouses with sleeves that range from three-quarter length to traditional short-sleeve options.
  • Long Sleeve: Long-sleeve shirts offer more coverage during cooler weather. From silky button-down blouses to soft jersey-cotton styles, there is a range of polka-dot options with long sleeves.
  • Sleeveless Styles: Sleeveless polka dot shirts, which encompass shells, tank tops, and halter tops, keep you cool when it's hot outside and work well for layering.

What Are Some Polka Dot Top Brands?

Not all polka dots are created equally. In fact, brands may differ by creating their own version of this eye-catching pattern. Brands vary by price as well as by design and offer a different take on polka-dot prints.

  • Torrid Shirts: A well-known purveyor of plus-size apparel, Torrid offers a myriad of different polka-dot options, including flowing blouses that fit loosely, with accents like cutouts and buttons in a variety of styles.
  • Forever 21: A juniors brand that features multiple types of garments, Forever 21 adds polka dots to T-shirts, jackets, camisoles, and sleeveless styles in a range of colors, including black with white dots.
  • H&M Styles: H&M and its in-house brand, Divided, offer multiple polka dot shirts, including long and short-sleeve button-front blouses as well as crewneck, off-the-shoulder, and V-neck designs that provide either a loose or a slim fit.

Which Polka Dot Colors and Designs Are Available?

Though black and white are the shirt colors that come to mind when most people think about polka dots, they're not the only shades and designs available when it comes to a polka dot shirt.

  • Neutral Tones: For a neutral look, opt for a tan or beige shirt with black polka dots for an appealing and subtle tone. A white shirt with black dots subverts the classic look, while pastel pink or blue shirts with white polka dots is a pretty option.
  • Bold Brights: There's no reason to tone it down with a colorful shirt, so pick a polka dot top that's red with orange dots or white with multicolored dots.
  • Dotty Patterns: Opt for something different by choosing a shirt with asymmetrical dots, dots that blend in together, or dots of assorted sizes.

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