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Learn More About Wolf Wall Ovens

When you’re designing a custom kitchen, Wolf wall ovens give you more design flexibility. These ovens are built into the wall or a bank of cabinets, so you can place them in any handy spot. When you find the right model on eBay, you can expand your cooking possibilities and streamline meal preparation.

What types of wall ovens does Wolf make?

Wolf makes three different types of wall ovens:

  • Convection: A Wolf convection oven uses two fans to move heat around the interior of the appliance. That way, hot air is distributed more efficiently, and your food cooks evenly.
  • Convection steam: These Wolf ovens also use fans to move heat around the interior. They come with a mechanism that sends steam into the oven to create the perfect cooking conditions for croissants, vegetables, fish, or other delicate foods. These Wolf models enable you to select convection cooking, steam cooking, or both for maximum flexibility.
  • Convection speed: This type of Wolf oven is a compact unit that enables you to cook food quickly. Convection speed ovens combine the functions of a convection oven, a broiler, and a microwave for versatility.
Things to consider when choosing Wolf wall ovens

As you’re looking at new or used Wolf wall ovens on eBay, keep in mind the following factors:

  • Energy source: As you’re looking at different listings, make sure you take note of the ones for Wolf wall ovens electric and Wolf wall ovens gas; this plays a big role in the installation process.
  • Number of ovens: Check to find out if you’re getting Wolf wall ovens' double models or single models.
  • Size: Wolf wall ovens come in a variety of sizes, including 24 inches, 30 inches, and 36 inches. See the manufacturer site for details, and make sure to measure your available space carefully before purchasing an oven.
  • Style: When you select a Wolf oven, you can choose from Pro, Transitional, and Contemporary styles. These terms refer to the aesthetic finishes of each model.
Available Wolf wall oven models

Wolf releases its wall ovens in series. Some available ones are:

  • M Series: These Wolf ovens are designed with the brand’s most advanced tech features. They’re engineered with touch-screen controls with smart features for easy operation.
  • E Series: These ovens resemble traditional ovens, complete with standard touch-screen buttons.
  • L Series: If you’re working in a large kitchen, the L Series is a good fit; this line includes 36-inch ovens. These models also come with rotating control panels that flip out of sight between uses.
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