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How to Buy Waterproof Fishing Gloves

The open sea is calling your name, but the frigid water temperatures are keeping you dormant. Fortunately, you can enhance your fishing experience with a pair of waterproof fishing gloves, since these types of gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and dry and are available in a wide assortment of styles and colors with various features. You'll want to look for fishing gloves that feature a tight collar and long sleeves to prevent water from entering them.

What Types of Waterproof Fishing Gloves Are There?

There are several types of fishing gloves, such as full gloves, fingerless gloves, and convertible gloves. Each type offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so keep your intended application in mind.

  • Full Gloves: These types of fishing gloves are an appropriate choice for fishing in cold weather, as they offer ideal insulation. For those who plan to do frequent knot tying, opt for a pair that comes with slits. These ice fishing gloves let you poke your fingers through when needed.
  • Fingerless Gloves: These fishing gloves cover only a portion of your fingers. While they do not provide as much warmth as full gloves do, they are often preferred for the freedom of hand coordination that they allow. Fingerless fishing gloves are also ideal for those in sunny climates who are looking for UV protection.
  • Convertible Gloves: These fishing gloves offer a nice mix of full and fingerless gloves. They cover the entire hand but can be folded back as needed to accomplish various fishing tasks.

What Features Should I Look For?

Fishing gloves that are waterproof come equipped with various features, allowing you to consider the type of environment in which you plan to fish.

  • Finger Slits: These slits allow you to poke your fingers through, diminishing the need to remove your gloves fully. They prove beneficial for those who struggle with knot tying.
  • Enhanced Grip: Look for neoprene fishing gloves with an enhanced grip on the palms. These fishing mitts make it easier to hold onto your catch, offering many of the same benefits as your bare palms do.
  • UV Protection: Protect both your hands and the fishing gloves themselves from the sun's damaging rays with gloves that offer UV protection. 
  • Reinforced Casting Finger: Fishing gloves tend to wear out over time and require replacements, so to help preserve their lifespan, opt for gloves that feature a reinforced casting finger. You'll likely notice the material of the casting finger tends to wear down quickly, especially when you're working with a braided fishing line, making a reinforced finger very useful. Overlays can also be beneficial in other key areas of the gloves, such as the palms.