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Have Some Fun With a Water Trampoline

When the weather is warm, it can be so enjoyable to splash around in the water to cool down. Having a water trampoline for the group can make the day even more memorable. On eBay, you can find a great selection of these products, which include new and used water trampolines in excellent or good condition.

How big can they be?

When youre thinking about getting a water trampoline, safety considerations should always come first. Youll want to get a trampoline that can fit your space, whether its a bay, pond, or lake. Smaller trampolines may be used in large pools if there is enough clearance. Each model will specify its dimensions and the number of jumpers it can hold at one time. Many larger trampolines are designed to hold two adult jumpers or four children at one time, whereas a pool trampoline might hold just one jumper. Examples of sizes are:

  • 6 feet
  • 13 feet
  • 15 feet
  • 20 feet
What are some other features?

On a water trampoline, there could be one or more of the following features:

  • Anchors: Youll need heavy-duty anchor bags to keep the trampoline in place. There may be two or more anchor bags on either side.
  • Ladders: Having a side ladder can make it easier to get on the trampoline. Ladders could have the traditional shape, or they could be in the form of a rope ladder or step ladder.
  • Swimmer assist handles: Trampolines may have handles at various points around their sides for swimmers to hold onto.
  • Attachments: There are many models that come with slides. This can add to the fun and give people different ways to dismount. Some may also come with aqua logs or inflatable platforms that people can walk on or jump off of.
Water trampolines versus bouncers

True water trampolines come with commercial-grade frames and springs. The frames can withstand water and other elements, and the springs can propel bouncers a bit higher than they otherwise could achieve on their own. The system is similar to land trampolines with an integrated frame and sturdier construction.

Water bouncers dont have frames or springs. Rather, the jumping surface is connected directly to the surrounding inflatable tube, usually with a webbing material. The material does have elasticity to it, but it lacks the power that the springs can generate.

You can definitely get more air on a water trampoline than on a bouncer. However, bouncers are more portable and affordable, making them a practical option.