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Finding the Right Push Lawn Mower for Your Lawn

A neat lawn is appealing to look at, and it is essential to identify the right lawn mower for the job. Some mowers are appropriate in small lawns and others in big yards. New, preowned, and used push grass cutters are available on eBay in brands such as Husqvarna, Briggs and Stratton, John Deere, and Honda.

What are the types of push lawn mowers?

Your decision to purchase a push lawn mower depends on factors such as the slope, the size, and your desired results in your yard. These trimmers exist in four different types, namely:

  • Electric mowers- These are appropriate where you need a quick trim for a small lawn. They use electricity in their operation.
  • Reel mowers- These are silent mowers that are ideal for attaining a close trim in your yard.
  • Walk-behind mowers- These require someone to push them throughout the yard during operation and are suitable for small yards.
  • Self-propelled mowers- These cutters propel themselves and only require someone to walk behind them to monitor their path.

What blade styles does a push mower use?

On eBay, you can find the right walk-behind lawn mower for your needs by selecting within eBay's following categories:

  • Power source- Options include battery, corded electric, gas, and manual/push mowers.
  • Cutting width- You can choose widths like 29 inches and under, 30 inches, 32 inches, 33 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches.
  • Type- Options are brush & flail, cylinder, greens, and mulching lawn mowers.
  • Condition- New, manufacturer-refurbished, and used lawn mowers are available.

How does a push lawn mower work?

The blade styles in these mowers include reel blades and rotary blades. In the reel mower, the blades spin vertically, like scissors, when cutting the grass blades. These blades have between three and seven blades. For the rotary type, the blades spin horizontally and utilize sucking and tearing actions to cut the grass blades. Their blades sit on a deck, which is a casing that contains the grass and any other object when struck. These cutters also have a rear roller that enhances a smooth cut. Some mowers will have both reel and rotary blades.

Any push mower will operate either manually or through diesel, gas, or electric power. Most rotary mowers use the internal-combustion engine in their operations. These include the two-stroke and four-stroke engines that use either gas or other liquid fuels. The engines have a control on their handlebars for engine-speed adjustments.

Electric-powered mowers comprise the corded and cordless models. The corded model attaches directly to an electricity source and can be run for nearly unlimited times. Cordless grass cutters typically include 80-volt or 56-volt rechargeable batteries that provide long runtimes. These batteries are either in the mower's interior or on the exterior. Gas mowers are suitable for maintaining yards that are up to half an acre in size. Most of these mowers require a pull start of the cord while others have an electric starter.

How does a push lawn mower handle grass clippings?

In order to handle the cut grass trimmings, these lawn mowers have useful options, including side-discharges, bagging systems, and mulching blades. The side discharge is useful for longer grass where it discards the cut grass. Bagging systems collect the clippings, saving you from raking. Mulching blades cut the clippings into small sizes and release them to serve as mulch.