Vermeer Riding Trenchers Explained

A Vermeer riding trencher is a piece of excavation equipment. You would use it to dig drainage trenches, lay cables or pipes, or use it to prepare for trench warfare. The largest diggers are riding trenchers, which the operator drives from a seat on the rig itself. Vermeer manufactures riding diggers with wheels or tracks, and both these new and pre-owned trenchers are available on eBay.

Does Vermeer manufacture surface miners?

Surface miners represent a large segment of the riding trencher industry. Vermeer makes three kinds of surface miners. These are chain drive, direct drive, and single-sided direct drive. Sometimes, you need to work in areas where the drill-and-blast method is unsafe. Examples of this are near the water table, infrastructure, or in populated areas. Here, the right machine is a surface miner. This piece of equipment delivers fast, precise, on-grade surface excavation.

What is hydrostatic drive?

Hydrostatic drives on a riding trencher have a continuous power curve. This means they deliver the most torque without shifting gears.

What should you look for in a Vermeer riding trencher?

Once you have decided what type of Vermeer riding trencher you need, you will need to think about what size you will need to buy. This is particularly critical if you have height or width restrictions on site. You don't want to get one that is too big to fit on site. Affordable Vermeer riding trenchers on eBay have the following features:

  • Digging width and depth - Smaller Vermeer ride-on trenchers allow you to dig a trench that is 12-18 inches deep and up to 12 inches wide. A heavy-duty trencher will dig as deep as 6 inches and as wide as 16 inches. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Type of drive - Hydrostatic drives have fewer moving parts than mechanical models. As a result, they don't break down as often.
  • Tracks vs. wheels - Vermeer heavy-duty trenchers use tracks.
  • Horsepower - A ride-on trencher can deliver anywhere between 18 and 116 horsepower.
What is a wheel trencher?

Also known as a rockwheel, this piece of equipment uses a toothed metal wheel sort of like a giant circular saw. It is less expensive to operate and maintain than the type that uses a chain. They work in hard or soft soils and can cut through heavy rocks. They are also used to cut pavement to gain access to underground utilities.