Vermeer Directional Drills

Vermeer directional drills offer you a way to bore or drill holes at multiple angles rather than just drilling vertically. A horizontal directional drill system is an integral part of industries like oil and gas, and this equipment is a necessary part of streamlining the entire HDD process. It can be helpful to know what kinds of horizontal directional drills Vermeer produces so that you can choose the drill that suits your needs.

How does directional drill equipment work?

Directional drill processes are sometimes referred to as boring or abbreviated as HDD. Most drills with which you might be familiar with allow you to drill one hole at a single angle, and you must do so vertically. However, if you need to drill for oil or gas, you need a way to bore horizontal holes in the main well. Sometimes, you'll need to make multiple holes across one surface.

  • You can use horizontal directional drills to bore holes at multiple angles, including vertically, horizontally, and at degrees in between both.
  • Once you've created a vertical bore well through traditional methods, you can use a Vermeer directional drill to add several openings to the same source, eliminating the need for so many individual wells.
  • Vermeer horizontal directional drills may allow you to tap into wells that are several miles away from the location of your directional drill.
What features does the Vermeer D20 horizontal directional drill have?

The specifications, dimensions, and features of the D20 model are listed below:

  • The D20x22 Navigator model directional drill features a bright yellow body.
  • Two horizontal directional drills are attached to the front of the equipment and are painted in a yellow finish.
  • It features a pair of tread-style wheels for movement across rough or uneven dig site terrain.
  • A chair for the driver is included. The chair is attached to a control stick that allows you to steer the directional drill and control its various functions.
What are the specifics for the Vermeer 24x40 series?

Vermeer offers various iterations of its 24x40 horizontal directional drills. The second version of this directional drill series has the main characteristics listed below.

  • The body of the HDD is painted yellow and emblazoned with the make and model numbers and the company logo on the side.
  • Tread under the main part of the system allows you to move it around as necessary.
  • A full rack of drilling rods sits alongside the driver's chair and can be moved into position when you're ready to start drilling.
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