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VR Headsets  

Gaming and content has become more and more advanced, with developers making content that are becoming increasingly immersive. The introduction of the VR (virtual reality) headset brought gaming and content a step further, allowing a gamer to completely put themself in the game and move as one with the character they are playing, or a person watching a video being able to view the video in a 360-degree angle. Besides gaming and watching content, VR headsets are often used for training and simulation purposes.  

What is a VR headset and how did it come about?  

A VR headset is a device that you wear on your head, is connected to a phone, computer, or game console, and essentially blocks out the outer world from your eyes, allowing you to see the display of the connected device all around you. Since the development of the Oculus Rift in 2012 and the introduction of Google Cardboard, a number of other VR headsets have been released by different companies.  

What are the types of VR headsets available?  

In general, VR headsets are divided into two main types, gaming VR headsets and smartphone headsets. Each have different capacities.  · Gaming VR headsets are generally heavier and more immersive than smartphone headsets. They are usually attached to game controllers which the gamer holds in their hand to interact with the world around them. · Smartphone VR headsets have varying capacities, and can be as simple as a cardboard-constructed headset or more advanced, having the capacity to function almost to the level of gaming headsets. Smartphone headsets are usually used to watch content as well as light gaming. 

What are some popular VR headsets? 

While there are a large variety of VR headsets available now, several standout brands and models include:  

  • Oculus Rift headsets - The Oculus brand continues to release different models, such as the CV1 and DK2. 
  • Samsung Gear VR - A partnership with Oculus led to the release of the Gear VR, a smartphone VR headset targeted for use with newer Samsung Galaxy models. 
  • Sony PlayStation VR - Meant to expand upon the gaming experience provided by the PlayStation 4, the Sony PlayStation VR headset was and still is well-received by PlayStation fans everywhere. 
  • HTC Vive - Available since 2016, the HTC Vive is of similar quality to the Oculus Rift. There is also a version of the Vive which had additional features, called the Vive Pro. A good one-stop location to browse through different VR headsets is eBay. Here, you can find headsets from a large variety of manufacturers and brands.