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Upright & Chest Freezers

Home freezers provide extra cold-storage space for food. This makes it possible to stock up on sale items and have a wide selection close at hand. These major home appliances are available as chest and upright freezers, and both options offer a variety of features.

What is the difference between an upright and chest freezer?

While an upright freezer stands vertically, the chest freezer sits horizontally. Some people select their preferred appliance based on floor space. However, others pick a model based on having easy access to food. A chest freezer will hold more, but items at the bottom may take more time to reach.

Do upright and chest freezers have different temperature settings?

Some do. While the ideal temperature for food storage is 0 degrees Fahrenheit, you may want a colder setting if you plan to add substantial amounts of fresh meat, fruit, or vegetables to the appliance at one time.

What sizes are available?

Small freezers have between 5 and 9 cubic feet of space. Medium-sized models have between 12 and 18 cubic feet while the freezers sport 18 cubic feet.

How many shelves do these appliances have?

This depends on the model and the cubic square footage of the appliance. The number of racks, shelves, and baskets impacts how easy it will be to organize and access the contents. If you plan to fill the freezer with small items, choose a model with ample shelving or baskets. While chest freezers will use shelves and lift-out baskets, uprights use door racks along with shelves and possibly drawers.

Are these appliances frost-free?

Unlike refrigerator/freezer combinations, most freezers require manual defrosting. Upright models are more likely to offer the frost-free option. Before selecting, be sure to check the product?s specifications. Most come with defrost drains to make cleaning easier.

Do these appliances use electricity or gas?

Most freezers use AC power. However, you can find upright and chest freezers with adaptations to run on DC and propane (LPG), which is useful for off-the-grid homes and locations where electrical outages are frequent. Frigidaire has several options for refrigerators and freezers to help you prolong safe interior temperatures during outages if using LPG isn?t an option.

What kind of electrical outlets do they use?

Nearly all freezers use 120-volt outlets. The plugs for all freezers are grounded. If the nearest outlet is a two-prong only, you?ll need to replace it with a three-prong receptacle. In the event you do need an extension cord, use a 12-gauge cord that provides the necessary level of electricity.