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Options and Features of Different Garmin Universal Car Mounts and Holders

Garmin GPS navigation systems offer drivers accuracy, mapping, and ease of use for hands-free navigation behind the wheel. Using a universal Garmin car GPS holder and mount allows you to easily view or check your route on the screen of your Garmin while keeping your attention focused on driving. There are several different types that offer you the ability to tailor your driving and navigating experience to your personal preferences.

What are some different types of Garmin holders?

When considering a mechanism for securing your Garmin within your vehicle, you have several options and configurations. Depending on what type of vehicle you drive, as well as whether you are driving recreationally, for business, or for commercial purposes, different configurations may be more suited to your needs. Some of the more common configurations include:

  • Windshield - This configuration allows you to have your Garmin navigation system at eye-level, mounted on your windshield in an area that will not impede your sightlines of the road and traffic conditions. This configuration is often a combination of a suction cup and ball system for attaching to windshield glass.
  • Dashboard - This also allows you to have your Garmin navigation system within your windshield sightline but at a lower point rather than at eye level. This configuration may be a stand, a friction, or a weighted attachment.
  • Cupholder - For drivers who wish to have their Garmin navigation system in a location below their windshield, the cupholder configuration holds the Garmin navigation system to a stand that snugly fits within a driver's nearby cupholder.
  • Air vent - This configuration secures your Garmin navigation system to an air vent on the dashboard, allowing easy viewing just below the windshield.
Do you need to have room for a charging cable?

The battery charge on a Garmin GPS navigation system typically lasts anywhere from four to eight hours. To maximize battery charge life, keep your Garmin out of direct sunlight and check the settings, turning off unnecessary features that may drain the battery. Your Garmin can be charged while your vehicle engine is running through a power cord plugged into the adaptors in your dashboard. It is important to consider the location of where you wish to place your Garmin. You should attach your Garmin where there is little sunlight. You should also consider attaching it in a spot that will allow for adequate room for the charging cord to reach the power sources without impeding your driving or sightlines through the windshield.

Do suction cup windshield holders work for all sizes?

Because the suction cup and ball system designed to suspend your Garmin from your windshield are built to specifications to support the weight of your Garmin, not all suction cups are universal. Check the dimensions of your Garmin to make sure it is compatible with the sizing of the windshield system before purchasing.