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Uniden Digital Trunking Radio Scanners

Stay Up-to-Date With a Digital Trunking Radio Scanner

You want to be alerted to nearby public safety transmissions when they happen, so perhaps you need a digital trunked radio scanner. These scanners listen to trunked radio systems while scanning and storing talk groups as a conventional radio scanner would store frequencies. Trunking is an efficient means of communication used by police, fire departments, and other government emergency services within a city or town.

What Are the Advantages of a Trunked Radio System?

While trunked radio systems are more complex than conventional handheld radio systems, their automation means you require less intervention to operate your radio.

  • Rather than assigning a single radio channel to communicate within an organization or group, you are part of a talkgroup, and when an individual in the group starts a conversation, it automatically finds an unoccupied radio channel. Therefore, multiple unrelated conversations can take place on one channel, which has less time being idle, as is often the case with conventional radio systems.
  • Trunked handheld systems accommodate a greater number of groups and are helpful in organizations where specialized groups may need private communication channels.
  • Each of the radios is coordinated by a control channel, which utilizes data sent from a microcomputer inside each of the radio transceivers.

How Is a Trunked Radio System Different From a Two-Way Radio?

When using a conventional two-way radio system, each group of users is on a dedicated channel or frequency.

  • With a trunked radio system, the group is given a pool of channels to access that can accommodate different groups within that organization.
  • Police, who would otherwise require multiple conventional channels to carry out their communication across a city, often use these radio systems and scanners.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Trunking Scanner?

Uniden was one of the first companies to create radio scanners compatible with trunked radio systems and trademarked the term "trunk tracking." Today, they create state-of-the-art digital handheld scanners with pre-programmed channels that will scan not only a range of trunked systems, but also conventional analog systems.

  • Look for a compact Uniden handheld scanner that is portable wherever you go and has easy-to-navigate operational features.
  • Trunking scanners with automatic scanning are helpful when you’re running events at locations where the transmission is unknown and will automatically listen in for any nearby transmissions taking place.

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