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Under Armour Clothing for Men

The history of the Under Armour (UA) began when founder Kevin Plank made his vision a reality from the basement of his grandmother's home in 1996 when he was 23. Under Armour has grown into a major contender in the world of sports clothing for men.

What kinds of Under Armour Men’s shorts are available?

As a mainly athletic brand, many of the shorts UA males for men have an elastic waist. They are designed for easy movement and flexibility, and the fabric wicks sweat from the body. There is also a selection of button and zip front shorts as well. The Under Armour Match Play Golf Shorts, for example, lend a lightweight and flexible style to your day on the course. UA also produces swim trunks and board shorts to enjoy a day on the water in.

What pants are available from Under Armour men?

Whether warming up on the court or running laps on a cold morning, Under Armour has a pair of sweatpants for men designed specifically for many athletic uses. You'll appreciate the warmth and flexibility UA pants offer, but also that they wick moisture from the skin as you play or exercise. If you’re on the golf course on a cool day, UA also offers long pants as a part of their Match Play collection.

Does UA carry fleece products for men?

Because Under Armour wants to help you stay fit in colder weather, they offer a variety of fleece products in many different sizes and colors. For instance, some mornings may only require the Under Armour Men’s Golf Storm sweater that features a partial zip front and raised collar. It's easily worn or taken off as the weather changes. On colder mornings, stay warm while wearing a pair of Under Armour lined sweats and a hoodie sweatshirt.

What types of men’s jackets does Under Armour make?

UA offers a wide selection of jackets. Perhaps your day requires light protection. The Storm Armour is a solid choice, as it's also available with fleece lining when in cooler climates. If you're a hunter, the UA Scent Control jacket will keep you warm and hidden. The Reactor from Under Armour offers a combination warmth and lightweight durability.

Are there other types of clothing for Armour men?

UA provides men with a full wardrobe designed to provide optimal comfort and flexibility for any sporting activity. Their Armour line provides high-performance socks of varying heights and colors, underwear in a wide selection of styles and fits including compression gear, thermal gear such as HeatGear and ColdGear, and a similarly wide variety of shirts and tees. Under Armour shirts offer a versatility and performance required by active men. Some days and activities only require a t-shirt. Another may be better suited by a UA long sleeve pullover. The colors available from Under Armour can provide a look to match many aesthetic tastes.

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