Pave a Road with a Tracked Asphalt Paver

If you represent a construction company, municipality, large corporation, or even your own private use, you can find a large-scale asphalt paving needs that suits your needs on eBay. There are a surprising variety of full-sized, fully operational tracked asphalt pavers for sale online, and you will find an array of options to choose from the affordable tracked asphalt paving machine that you want.

Who are some manufacturers of tracked asphalt pavers?

There are a number of makers of tracked asphalt pavers. Among these companies is the Leeboy Corporation. They are a leading manufacturer of commercial motor-graders and asphalt pavers, producing many of the tracked asphalt pavers offered for sale on eBay. Most of the pavers were built and distributed between 2013 and 2015, though there are older and more recent models available. There are a number of different tracked asphalt paving machines, each of them designed for a particular market or application. Some are meant for driveways, while others are meant for large roads. There are even pavers meant for the extremely sensitive and specific purpose of making racetracks.

Standard features of asphalt paving machines

All of the asphalt pavers available for sale use electric heating elements to maintain the asphalt at the proper temperature, diesel fuel to power the engine, and rubber tracks to grip the road and disperse their footprint. They are designed for outdoor use under challenging conditions. They are all designed to be piloted by a single driver, but the assistance of other workers will be necessary to disperse asphalt in the most effective fashion. Asphalt is stored and heated in a large hopper, then it is dispensed mechanically.

What differentiates the models of tracked asphalt pavers for sale?

In the hyper-specific world of paved surface and road construction, where an impermeable surface is expected to extend for miles without any significant variation in height, there is a need for specialized paver construction. Models are specialized largely according to the width of the paved surface it can disperse, the amount of asphalt it can heat and disperse, the ability to adjust these factors, and the precise tolerances to which the paver can work. These minute factors are of primary importance to the purchasers. A rural municipality has different needs from a large urban construction contractor or a racetrack.

Leeboy model series currently available

Leeboy produces a number of variations on their basic design for tracked asphalts. Each is specialized for a particular use. The 7000 series, for example, has been their standard model for decades. The 8515 series has been refitted to make larger asphalt applications.

  • 8510B
  • 8515
  • 8515C
  • 8510C
  • 7000
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