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Experience Big-Screen Viewing with a Toshiba Rear Projection Television

Toshiba delivers a means of watching sports, entertainment, news, and other choices on a large-screen home unit. Rear projection TV technology not only affords solid sound and picture quality, but the various releases come with a multitude of features.

What is meant by rear projection?

A rear projection TV is one that employs a specific type of technological design to create a large-screen image. The inside of the Toshiba TV houses a projector. The projector then sends a beam of light to the screen of the TV. The light beam creates the ultra-large video image viewers watch. This technological concept really isn't much different than how a projector works in a movie theater.

What sizes do these rear projection TV units come in?

Rear projection creates oversized images for large-screen viewing. So, these TV sets commonly range in size from 50 inches to 60 inches. The design and construction of such a Toshiba TV maintain an emphasis on ergonomics. As such, the Toshiba model can fit into several different rooms in a home.

Are there unique features associated with a Toshiba model?

Yes, several unique features are integrated into a rear projection TV produced by Toshiba. The features not only support audio and video performance, but they provide additional functions for owners to use. Features found in several models include:

  • Picture in Picture (PIP): The surface area of a large-screen TV doesn't need to be limited to one channel. With the PIP feature, multiple channels can be viewed on the screen at the same time.
  • USB ports: Connect additional devices to the television through the USB hub. Two ports wouldn't be difficult to find among the different Toshiba TV sets.
  • V-Chip parental control: Adults often prefer that young children do not watch certain channels or programs with mature content. With a V-Chip, a TV can lock certain channels. This bars the young ones from viewing the programming on those channels.
  • Adjustable color temperature: Multiple color temperature controls support improved lighting and other benefits.
How is audio integrated into a Toshiba rear projection unit?

Various audio features are included in these types of Toshiba units. Virtual surround sound, super bass, and multichannel television sound (MTS) stereo are among the main audio features. The television sets also come with a two-speaker setup. Examples of speaker power include 2 x 15 watts and 2 x 20 watts. An integrated audio leveler further enhances sound projection.

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