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The North Face Hoodies for Men

Hoodies are outer garments that are made of sweatshirt material and also have a hood that usually has a drawstring. They are lighter and less bulky than a coat, but they offer more insulation than a T-shirt. They also come in a variety of colors and styles, and they can come with or without a zip-up front.

How do you find the correct size North Face Hoodie?

North Face offers hoodies in sizes S through 3XL. To find the correct size, follow a few simple steps:

  • With a measuring tape, measure around the larger part of your chest, making certain the measuring tape lies flat against your back. This number will determine your chest measurement.
  • Measure your arm length from the shoulder to the base of the palm. This number will determine your sleeve length.
  • Consult a sizing chart and compare the measurements of your chest and sleeve to the numbers on the chart. You will then find the corresponding men’s North Face size that should fit you properly. If you have long arms, however, you may need to go up a size to find the appropriate sleeve length.
What is the difference between heavyweight and midweight hoodies?

Heavyweight sweatshirts and hoodies are often constructed of a thick material to keep the wearer warm. They may have the same level of insulation as some jackets and are sometimes worn in place of a jacket. Many North Face heavyweight products are constructed of a Polartec fleece, which provides both insulation and breathability. Some pullover jackets may even be constructed of an extra heavyweight material, such as Sherpa fleece, for added warmth.Midweight hoodies are constructed of a less dense material that does not provide as much insulation as heavyweight material. Many North Face midweight products are also constructed of Polartec fabric that is available in light, medium, and heavyweight styles. One feature of Polartec fabric is that the insulation may allow moisture to escape.

How do you care for a North Face hoodie?

The proper way to wash your clothing will depend on the type of material it is constructed from. Midweight pullovers constructed of cotton or fleece may be washed in warm or cold water and should be tumble-dried on low. Alternatively, you may hang the item out to air-dry to avoid shrinkage and protect any logo material. For heavyweight jacket material, wash the item in cold water and hang out to air-dry.

Can North Face hoodies hold media devices?

Many North Face products contain interior pockets to hold your phone or media player. To keep your cord from getting snagged, they also feature interior eyelets to allow you to thread corded headphones through the inside of the sweatshirt.