Equipo de Inspección, Medición y Pruebas

Test, Measurement, and Inspection Equipment

Simple measurement equipment like voltmeters and multimeters measure your devices to ensure standards are met. You can sync the responses to smartphones and processing software for review and record maintenance. Keep your electrical instruments up to standard with specialized testers.

What types of safety measuring equipment are available?

You can help promote safety with test and measurement accessories. Examples of available items you can use around a building to keep you safe include:

  • Gas leak monitors: In addition to carbon monoxide detectors, consider a gas leak finder. This item uses alarm signals and will lead you to the site of any potentially explosive gas leakage.
  • Electric load loggers: You can use the load meters to monitor and save information about the electricity load of an electronic item. The logger can sync to software, allowing you to see any unusual patterns and prevent shorts or fires.
  • Voltage checkers: These small and simple tools are a good way to test the power of things such as electric fences, spark plugs, and fuses. You can verify voltage flow during troubleshooting or installation, protecting you from accidental shock.
What are some common testing and inspection tools?

Some tools you may use around your office or other commercial buildings include:

  • Metal detectors: A common application for this tool includes checking for unauthorized weapons. You can also use it to find metal objects around a building.
  • X-Rays: If you need to thoroughly inspect packages or bags, an x-ray machine can see through fabric and cardboard to do so.
  • Video cameras: As an additional accessory to automated vision systems, a video camera can help you to verify the automation is working properly in hard-to-reach places.
How do you test for underground wires and pipes?

Keep your crew safe while preventing damage to electric company, telecom, and water equipment by using a range and locator system. These systems pinpoint the location of underground power sources and plumbing, allowing you to work around them. By using this simple device, you can prevent hazardous contact with wires as well as damage to underground items.

How do you verify the performance of immobile objects?

If you cannot bring the test subject to you, bring your tester to the object. Voltmeters, multimeters, and endoscopes are all portable inspection tools which can inspect and verify data. You can also find power supplies and other large items with testing systems built in, allowing you to log and check information directly from the equipment.