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Tervis Tumblers

Tervis tumblers are insulated containers that keep beverages hotter or colder longer than a regular mug. These classic tumblers are available in a number of sizes and styles, ensuring that every customer can find one that suits their needs. These containers are also designed to be durable.

How do Tervis tumblers work?

The tumblers use the natural insulating power of air to keep liquids hot or cold. Each tumbler is made with double-wall insulation, and a layer of air forms between the outer shell and inner liner. Tervis then fuses these layers together to prevent leakage. This insulating system keeps hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold.

Tervis tumblers have two main components: the cup and the lid. The cup is available in various sizes, and it consists of a clear exterior and a customizable interior. Tervis brand travel lids are available as well.

What are the benefits of Tervis tumblers?

Tervis' insulated cups keep beverages at the desired temperature, and they are practical and easy to maintain because they:

  • Minimize condensation: The insulation also keeps the outer shell of the container dry, minimizing the need for coasters.
  • Are dishwasher Safe: These Tervis containers can be placed in the dishwasher, and they'll never warp or get damaged.
  • Are made for Life: Tervis tumblers are made to last a lifetime, thanks to the quality craftsmanship and materials used to make these containers.

Which sizes do Tervis tumblers come in?

Tervis makes a tumbler for everyone, from kids to the thirstiest adults. Their range of tumblers includes:

  • Tervis Sippy Cups
  • Tervis 8 ounce Stout Tumbler
  • Tervis 10 ounce Wavy Tumbler
  • Tervis 12 ounce Tumbler
  • Tervis 16 ounce Tumbler
  • Tervis 16 ounce Tall Tumbler
  • Tervis 24 ounce Tumbler
What tumbler styles does Tervis offer?

These insulated cups are available in a wide variety of fun styles and colors, including:

  • Classic Clear Tumbler: The classic Tervis tumbler is clear on the inside and outside.
  • Colorful Tumbler: Tervis cups are available in solid colors like amethyst, sapphire, red, emerald, and quartz. With these cups, the outer layer is transparent, and the inner lining comes in a bold hue.
  • Patterned Tumbler: Tervis also offers tumblers decorated with a range of images and patterns from butterflies to multi-colored hearts.
  • Branded Tumbler: Fans of popular properties like Marvel, Peanuts, and Disney can find tumblers decorated with their favorite characters.
  • Sports Tumbler: There are also Tervis tumblers emblazoned with team logos.