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Tekna Automotive Spray Guns

Painting a car can give it a fresh new look. You can get this job done right with the use of Tekna automotive spray guns. Here are a few things it helps to know about them.

How do you select a Tekna spray gun for cars?

A good spray gun helps to create an even and smooth paint job. Here are some factors to consider when looking for such an item:

  • Changeable tips: Tekna sprayers with changeable tips are convenient for most jobs. It is recommended that you use a 1.8-millimeter tip when applying a primer, a 1.4-millimeter tip when putting on a top coat, and a 1-millimeter tip for detail work.
  • Cups: The Tekna sprayer you choose might have 20-ounce cups to apply primers and top coats and a 3-4-ounce cup for any detail work you need to complete.
  • Gun options: In addition to a standard spray gun, you may want one that has multiple options such as detailing sprays and gravity feed. The latter option uses gravity to paint effectively even when your paint canister is almost empty.
  • CFM rating: Proper air consumption is commonly 9-12 CFM. To paint continuously with your Tekna spray gun, you should use an air compressor or even connect multiple tanks or compressors together so that you can get your job finished without stopping frequently.
How do you clean a Tekna air spray gun?

You should clean your Tekna spray gun as soon as possible after you are done with your project or your session. Paints and clear coats are designed to dry quickly, so the sooner you can clean your gun, the better to keep it from clogging. Pay special attention to the air cap and fluid nozzle as holes that are clogged or partially clogged with paint will change the spray pattern of the gun as well as its performance. Use warm water, solvents, or cleaning solutions in order to remove all of the paint from every area of exposure to your paint gun.

What is an HVLP spray gun?

An HVLP spray gun, or high-volume, low-pressure paint sprayer, is an excellent tool to have when you need to coat a car or other large item. HVLP spray guns are usually offered as a system and not as individual pieces. Additionally, you may be able to find parts for them. Some have a useful bleeder feature, meaning that even if the trigger on the HVLP spray gun is not currently being depressed, the air blows out of the nozzle constantly. This is a helpful feature for reducing splatter when you initially pull the trigger of the HVLP spray gun.