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Essential Information About Technics Vintage Speakers

Technics, a brand owned by Panasonic, has been making audio products since 1965. Technic speakers come in various models with different features and benefits. You can find a large selection of vintage Technics stereo speakers for sale on eBay.

What Technics speaker vintage model numbers are available?

There are a variety of different vintage Technics speakers for sale. Each model has its unique design to fit the aesthetics of a sound system and help sculpt its sound, e.g., tower speakers. Some are large floor speakers, while others are bookshelf speakers designed to blend into their surroundings. Some of these models include:

  • Technics SB 1000: A three-way speaker designed with distortion-reducing technology.
  • Technics SB F2: Two-way speakers designed with linear phase technology that delivers all frequencies simultaneously.
  • Technics SBX 300A: A rare vintage model from Technics with Honeycomb disc drivers.
  • Technics A51: Preowned Technics A51 speakers for sale are three-way floor speakers with a twin load horn system.
  • Technics SBCR33: Three-way floor speaker with coned speakers for a more directional broadcast of the lower frequencies.

What kind of speakers are in a Technics Three-way cabinet?

You will often hear the term "three-way speaker" when shopping through vintage Technics floor-standing speakers. This refers to the cabinet having three different kinds of speakers in the housing. Each speaker is designed with a different size to broadcast different frequency ranges, determined by a crossover. Speaker styles in a three-way cabinet like the Technics SB-1000 include:

  • Sub: A non-directional speaker responsible for the lowest frequencies in an audio signal, usually under 200Hz.
  • Horn: The middle-sized speaker broadcasts much of the frequency range you hear in an audio signal, which varies from horn to horn.
  • Tweeter: The smallest speaker size is responsible for broadcasting the highest frequency ranges. These speakers give the signal its sparkle and clarity by broadcasting frequencies above 10,000Hz.

Available wood finishes

The cabinets from across the ‘70s and ‘80s vintage Technics speakers are made with various finishes, helping them with their aesthetic value. Most of them are made of wood and come in multiple finishes. Typically, models made in the '60s and '70s are made from wood, while the Technic speakers' models from the '80s have a metal casing to give them their Technics speakers' vintage look and feel. Some of the finishes include:

  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Birchwood
  • Oak
  • Mahogany

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