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Everything You Need to Know About Technics Headshells

If you want to treat your setup right or if you're a DJ who wants to keep the tone arm from skipping, then a headshell is a great addition for your turntables. Technics is a well-respected hi-fi audio brand, producing classic turntables used for listening and DJing. eBay makes the buying and selling process easy, and there are many options on eBay, so you can search through before you decide on which one will meet your needs.

What do Technics headshells do?

Headshells are pieces that attach to the tone arm of turntables. They cover the delicate parts that are necessary for sound to emerge from the records you're playing, keeping them together in an organized fashion. They can also have weights attached to them in order to keep the tone arm from moving and by extension keep the needle from skipping around the record. This is essential for DJs as needles tend to skip when playing on a vibrating stage setup.

What kind of Technics headshells are there?

Most headshells are interchangeable due to their semi-universal mounting device the H4 bayonet mount. However, different Technics turntables may require different mounts. There are a few Technics headshells available, including the ones listed here:

  • The SFPCC31001K headshell - This is designed to fit most Technics and other decks that have screw-in headshells. This includes turntables by many other stalwarts of DJing like Stanton and Numark. This headshell comes in black or silver.
  • The TECHNICS SH-98 headshell - This is a headshell that is specific for the Technics SL-1100, SL-1200, and SL-1200 MK1s. The SH-98 headshell comes in a multitude of colors, ranging from bright green to dark black.
  • The Technics SH-90S headshell - This headshell is for T4P P-mount cartridges Epc-p205cmk3,p202c. This single mold aluminium diecast body headshell accepts plug-in connector-type cartridges to enable connections with universal tonearms.
Do Technics headshells need other parts?

If you're a turntable owner and your turntables are working well, then you probably don't need to get other parts to go along with your turntable headshells. However, it may be a wise choice to get some of the following parts if you want to be certain of your headshell's security:

  • Headshell wires - Headshell wires help route signals properly and help keep the headshell secure. You can pick up standard wires from Technics or can even get custom, handmade wires.
  • Bolts of the correct size - Most headshells require bolts to properly secure the mounts, and some headshells may not come with bolts included.