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Tampax Tampons

Tampax produces a wide array of tampons to help you manage your menstrual flow. Tampax's lines of menstrual products include both unscented and scented options, sporty choices, and sizes and strengths that range from light or junior to ultra or heavy flow.

What are some of the tampon lines offered by Tampax?

Tampax offers an array of tampon lines that you can choose from to find the one that's right for your menstrual period. Some of the Tampax lines include:

  • Radiant - These Tampax tampons are designed to reduce leaks. They are packaged in resealable wrappers. They come in three strengths: Regular, Super, and Super Plus. You can also choose a triple pack that contains all three sizes.
  • Tampax Pearl - These tampons are made of cotton and rayon and come with a smooth plastic applicator. They have a LeakGuard Braid string that's designed to help prevent leaks. They come in a range of sizes such as Lite, Regular, Ultra, Super, and Super Plus. You can find both scented and unscented choices.
  • Tampax Pearl Active - These tampons are specially designed to meet the needs of physically active women. MotionFit Protection is offered by these tampons.
  • Pocket Pearl - These tampons come with a discreet plastic applicator that can fit into a small pocket. They are designed with the LeakGuard Braid string and a FormFit shape.
  • Cardboard - These traditional Tampax tampons use a natural cardboard applicator. They are available in Lite, Regular, Super, and Super-Plus strengths. You can find a triple pack that combines Lite, Regular, and Super strengths for a range of protection.

How do you use Tampax tampons?

Tampons are a feminine hygiene product used around the world. Once you are accustomed to inserting a tampon, you can choose the option that provides the best fit for your body.

  • First, find a comfortable position. Many tampon users stand with their knees slightly bent.
  • Next, hold the applicator securely and insert the outer tube into your vagina with a slight angle toward the small of your back. Slide the applicator in. Then, push the inner tube until the ends are even and the tampon is fully placed inside your body.
  • After inserting the tampon, pull out the applicator gently, leaving the tampon behind with the string dangling. This string will allow you to remove the tampon.
  • You can discard the empty tube placed inside the wrapper in a nearby trash can.

When must you remove a tampon?

Everyone may have a different time when she needs to change her tampon. However, tampons should generally be removed no more than eight hours after insertion. Just pull out the string in order to remove your tampon. You can insert a new tampon immediately after.

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