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Mercedes-Benz ML350 Taillights

Maintaining the perfect operation of the taillights in your Mercedes-Benz M-Class ensures that other drivers will give your luxury vehicle the space it deserves on the road. But beyond simple safety concerns, selecting the right taillights can also reflect your unique disposition as a driver. Sift through the comprehensive array of options that comprise this collection and find the taillights that are perfect for your Mercedes.

What taillights are available for the Mercedes-Benz ML350?

The two major types of illumination sources used in the taillights of a Mercedes-Benz M-Class are HID and LED. While HID lighting is still considered the gold standard when it comes to vehicle lights, LED technology is incredibly futuristic and imparts a number of benefits. LED lights never get dangerously hot to the touch even when in use for hours. LEDs take up a minuscule amount of electricity and cover an incredibly small physical footprint. Perhaps best of all, LED light bulbs, called diodes, are rated to last 50,000 hours, or over 5.7 years of continuous use.

How do you replace the taillights in a Mercedes-Benz ML350?

Even if your ML350 taillight assemblies are perfectly intact, its often necessary to replace this part when upgrading to new LED lights. Removing the old Mercedes assemblies and getting started with the new is an easy task that may take up to an hour for both assemblies together.

  • Turn off the engine, disconnect the battery, and open the tailgate.
  • Remove the pins and pull back the trunk lining. Pick a side and remove the four bolts holding the assembly in place with a socket wrench.
  • Push the taillight assembly partially out of the cavity and disconnect the electrical harnesses.
  • Position the new assembly into place and connect the harnesses. Push the assembly into the cavity and install the bolts.
  • Repeat these steps for the opposite side. Replace the trunk lining and reconnect the battery to complete installation.
What are the benefits of having smoked taillights?

Smoked taillights set your Mercedes-Benz M-Class car apart from other cars on the road while still imparting the same safety benefits as traditional taillights. This innovative taillight technology makes use of a lightly tinted film on the inside of your taillight lens to darken the appearance of your brake indicators on the road, resulting in a covert or stealthy look.

How do you replace the third brake light in ML350s?

Also called the center high mount stop light, this brake indicator in a Mercedes-Benz is required by law and helps other drivers in tall vehicles like semi-trucks determine your intent to brake even if your taillights are obscured. Replacing this part in your Mercedes-Benz M-Class is simple and takes about half an hour to complete.

  • Turn off the engine, disconnect the battery, and open the tailgate.
  • Remove the two bolts holding the 3rd brake light assembly in place.
  • Pull the assembly a short distance away from your Mercedes-Benz and disconnect the electrical harness.
  • Position the new assembly into place, connect the electrical harness, and push the assembly into the cavity.
  • Connect the bolts and reconnect the battery to complete installation.