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Mercedes-Benz C300 Taillights

Clearly designate your position for everyone to see with these taillight assemblies for the Mercedes-Benz C300. While taillights have an unmistakable practical purpose, the right lights can also accentuate the smooth curves of your luxury vehicle. Peruse the options within this comprehensive collection and make the selection that perfectly complements your lavish Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan.

How do you install a new taillight assembly?

When upgrading to new LED taillights, it’s often necessary to remove and replace the entire taillight assembly in your C-Class sedan. This task might take up to half an hour for each light. Follow these straightforward instructions to start reaping the benefits of LED lighting in your Mercedes-Benz C300:

  1. Turn off the engine and open the trunk.
  2. Remove the trim panel around the edge of the trunk by pulling out the plastic rivets.
  3. Pick a side and gently pull back the trunk lining to expose the taillight assembly. Remove the four bolts holding the assembly in place.
  4. Disengage the electrical harness and carefully wiggle the old assembly out of its socket. Align the new LED assembly into place and connect the electrical harness.
  5. Secure the new assembly by inserting the bolts to complete installation. Repeat these steps for the opposite taillight assembly.
How do you install the third Mercedes-Benz brake light?

The proper operation of this light in your C-Class sedan is required by law, since this vital part indicates your position on the road to other drivers even if your taillights are obscured. Replacing this light bar is easy and should take about 20 minutes. Follow these simple steps to make sure your sedan is in compliance with the rules of the road:

  1. After locating the third brake light behind the backseat headrests, turn off the engine and disconnect the battery.
  2. Locate and remove the two screws on either side of the light assembly.
  3. Pull the light assembly away from the window and disengage the electrical harness.
  4. Set the old assembly aside and position the new 3rd brake light into place.
  5. Connect the electrical harness and secure the new assembly into place with the two screws to complete installation.
What are the advantages of smoked taillights?

Smoked taillights afford your Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan a unique and edgy look on the road. While these taillight upgrades shine just as brightly as any other stop indicator, smoked taillights make use of a tinted film to darken the beam emitted by your stop lights while in operation, resulting in a stealthy and stylish look.

What are the benefits of LED lighting?

LED lighting is an incredibly efficient technology. Each LED light bulb, called a diode, takes up a minimal amount of space and energy while emitting a highly visible glow. For Mercedes-Benz C300 model owners, LED taillights are a low-risk long-term solution, since these lights are rated to last up to 50,000 hours or over 5.7 years of continuous use.