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Tail Lights for Mercedes-Benz C280

The C280 is one of several cars made and sold under the Mercedes-Benz C-Class line. These vehicles are luxury sedans that come with features like automatic headlights and leather seating. To help others see you on the road, you can repair or replace your cars taillights.

What does placement mean?

Placement is a term that refers to where the taillight goes on your Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Though all taillights go on the rear, placement is important when looking for individual parts. Youll find covers and other pieces that fit on the inside or outside of the light. Parts can work on the side, top, or bottom of the taillight, too. The Mercedes-Benz C280 also has some inner parts that you may need to repair or swap out. Auto manufacturers offer headlights that match the design of these taillights also.

What parts make up the taillight on a Mercedes?

Some drivers do not realize that the taillight features more parts than they can see. Once you remove the plastic covering on the outside, you can see all those parts.

  • Cover: One of the only parts of the taillight that you can see from the street is the cover. Typically made from plastic, it features pieces made from red and others that are clear or white. It protects the bulb and other internal parts from damage.
  • Bulb: The bulb is what creates the brightness that shines through the cover. When working properly, it tells others when your car is slowing down, stopping, or making a turn.
  • Housing: Surrounding the bulb and wiring is a plastic piece that is the housing. Also called an assembly, it keeps the taillight firmly inside your sedan.
  • Wiring: The Mercedes-Benz C-Class line also features wiring that connects the taillight to your brakes and other areas. When you replace the wiring, you can follow the included diagram to see how to connect it to the engine.
Does the Mercedes year matter when replacing taillights?

Model year matters because the Mercedes-Benz C-Class comes in different styles. Looking at when your vehicle came out tells you which taillights you can use. Those designed for the 2005-2007 generation have a strip of red plastic and two strips of white in the center. Other versions increase the size of this red strip and include more white on the top and bottom. You can also look at the taillights on your vehicle to see which ones have the same design.

What companies make parts for the Mercedes-Benz taillights?

The taillights used on the Mercedes-Benz C280 come from Mercedes-Benz. However, companies that make aftermarket parts also make taillights and bulbs that work on other Mercedes-Benz C-Class models. Youll find unique products like add-on lights that increase the brightness of your taillights. These products use bright red bulbs that flash when you put on the brakes. Other similar lights attach to your trailer hitch or the trunk of your vehicle. You’ll get the wiring needed to hook up those lights. Eoko, Dorman, WD Express, and Wagner make accessories for the Mercedes-Benz C280.