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TW Steel Wristwatches

TW Steel began producing wristwatches in Amsterdam in 2005. The company is headed by the father and son team of Tom and Jordy Cobelens. Tom is the creative force behind TW Steel designs, while Jordy handles the business end of the operation.

Are TW Steel watch straps interchangeable?

Many TW Steel watches have straps that can be interchanged. Some of the bands offered by this brand include various leathers, textiles, silicone and rubber, stainless steel, suede, and more, and these materials come in varying thicknesses and colors.

Are TW Steel watches waterproof?

TW Steel offers watches that are either classified as 5 ATM or 10 ATM in water resistance. Five ATM watches can be worn when swimming for short periods, but should not be submerged in deeper water for long periods. Ten ATM watches are slightly more water-resistant, making them preferred for water sports, snorkeling, and longer periods of swimming. Both watches can be worn for a variety of activities without worrying about contact with water.

What is the TW Steel Canteen Leather collection?

The TW Steel Canteen Leather collection was the first of all the TW Steel brand watch designs.

  • Strap: These watches sport the signature leather strap to complement the face of the watch, but the brand has since expanded their Canteen collection to include other band materials, such as stainless steel and silicone rubber. The strap features a steel clasp and the two classic steel dots on each side.
  • Tech: Canteen leather watches are available in three-hand, automatic, and chronograph options, which may feature two or three dials.
  • Case: The casing that surrounds the face is made of steel. Many of the casings feature a hammered bezel.
  • Face: The faces can come in a variety of colors, including cream and black, and the hands have contrasting colors, such as white, green, or orange.
Where are TW Steel watches made?

TW Steel is a Dutch company with their headquarters based in Amsterdam. The brand sources some materials for their watches from overseas locations, including various Asian countries, but the watches are assembled in the Netherlands. TW Steel watches are sold in retail locations in more than 50 countries worldwide.

What is a chronograph watch?

Chronograph watches are watches that incorporate additional time-telling elements in the form of a stopwatch. TW Steel features a wide variety of chronograph watches, incorporating buttons on the outer case of the timepiece to control the stopwatch time dials. The times recorded on the stopwatch are read on the smaller dial or series of dials on the large face of the chronograph watch.