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Get Classic Collectible Themes With Swatch Watches

Swatch is a Swiss watch company that competes against U.S.-based Timex as an affordable, entry-level watch brand. Its watches have been known for their plastic, interchangeable cases ever since the first Swatch watch was released in March of 1983. Later, Swatch expanded into other materials and styles. As one of the most well-known European-made watches, they provide functional and attractive timepieces for the whole family as well as special models for collectors.

What are the features of the original Swatch watches?

All have colorful plastic cases with fun, unique designs in a variety of shapes and sizes. Stylewise, they are flexible and modern.

What are the different Swatch design styles available?

Here are the various styles with unique materials and features:

  • Originals: Plastic
  • Skin: Super-thin version of the Originals, available in the Original Skin and the Skin Chronograph versions
  • Irony: Metal
  • Beat: Decimal time concept introduced in 1998
  • Bijoux: Encrusted with Swarovski crystals
What gender are Swatch watches for?

Swatch watches first came in Lady and Gent versions. However, they now have several unisex watch lines. There are also collections available specifically for men, women, and children.

What are some collectible Swatch watches?

When considering Swatch watches to collect, keep in mind both the date and location of their release. Here are some examples of special-edition, limited-edition, and rare Swatch watches:

  • First Swatch: The first official Swatch series featuring 12 models debuted in Zurich, Switzerland, on March 1, 1983.
  • First U.S. Swatch: The first U.S.-released Swatch series featured 25 models and debuted in March of 1983.
  • Jelly Fish: The Original Jelly Fish was a special model released in 1983 and was a limited edition of 200 pieces.
  • Est. 1983: The Est. 1983 model was a special release in 2013 celebrating Swatch's 30-year anniversary.
  • Tennis Grid: This was the first named Swatch watch. Previous Swatch models were designated by coded references.
  • 30 and Ticking SUOZ322: Another 30th birthday celebration model, it was a New Gent model with bold red, black, and white colors and special packaging.
Swatch Irony Trueville Black Dial YWS400Timex Easy Reader 35mmMTM Hypertec Silver SteelTissot AquaSport
Dial size42mm35mm40mm, 44mm or 49mm31mm
Dial displayBlack/AnalogWhite/Analog with Arabic numeralsGray/Analog with Arabic numeralsBlack/Analog with Arabic numerals
Case/strap material and colorsStainless steel/black leatherSilver-tone brass/Black leatherStainless steel/30+ optionsStainless steel/Black leather
Ticking movementQuartzQuartzQuartzQuartz
Features of durabilityAnti-corrosion finishWater-resistantScratch-resistant, water-resistantWaterproof
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