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How to Select a New Swarovski Spotting Scope

For the bird watcher, hunter, or wildlife enthusiast, a reliable spotting scope is a must-have accessory. These portable telescopes offer a detailed, magnified look at far-away sights, ranging from rare birds to ships on the horizon. Swarovski spotting scopes come in a variety of sets and modules, making them appropriate for many applications.

What spotting scope options does Swarovski offer?

The Swarovski Optik brand offers a variety of spotting-scope technologies, including the following:

  • ATX spotting scope: This versatile scope, which is available with 95-, 65-, and 85-mm lenses, is known for its long zooming range and close-range focusing power. It provides you with an angled view.
  • STX spotting scope: The STX scope offers a straight view, which is ideal for spotting moving targets. Like the ATX, it's available with 95, 65, and 85-mm lenses.
  • BTX spotting scope: When looking through the BTX, you use both eyes, which enhances the viewing experience. Combining binocular technology with the detailed accuracy of spotting scopes, the BTX is designed for long-range viewing.
What technologies are Swarovski spotting scopes equipped with?

New and pre-owned Swarovski spotting scopes are equipped with innovative optic technologies, such as the following:

  • Field-flattener lenses: The lenses use field-flattening technology to produce distortion-free images.
  • HD-optics: The HD lenses use fluoride to prevent color fringing. This optimizes contrast and clarity.
  • Adjustable eyecup: The Swarovski spotting scopes have twist-in eyecups, which can be adjusted for your comfort. They're also compatible with glasses.
  • Coatings: The lenses are treated with brand-specific coatings, such as Swarodur, Swarotop, and Swaroclean. These coatings enhance image transmission, color fidelity, and visibility in low-light situations.
How are the Swarovski spotting scopes modular?

Affordable Swarovski scopes are designed to be modular, so they're equipped with objective and eyepiece modules that can be stored separately. The mix-and-match style makes it easier for you to transport your scope set and choose the right lens/scope for any given moment.

What ergonomic features do these Swarovski scopes have?

The ATX/STX spotting scopes are equipped with a uniquely positioned zoom ring that's located directly behind the focusing ring. Thanks to this design, you can zoom and focus one-handed. This leaves the other hand free to adjust the direction of the scope for a better viewing experience. These ergonomic features are particularly beneficial for digiscopers, as the design makes it easier to access and use the camera.

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