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Swann Home Surveillance Security Systems

Having a wired or wireless camera surveillance system from Swann can help to protect your home or business from burglars and other criminal threats. With cameras that feature night vision and high-definition recording capabilities, these cameras are designed to provide the level of surveillance that meets your needs.

What are the features of Swann wireless security cameras?

The company offers a number of options with their security cameras:

  • Wiring: Security cameras can be wired or battery-powered for optimal placement.
  • Size: These cameras are often small and discreet.
  • Recording type: The cameras can offer your choice of a live stream, a recorded loop that records over itself over a period of time, or a constantly accruing archive of information.
  • Motion activation: Some security cameras offer motion-sensor activation. This lets you save recording space for only the times when movement is detected.
  • Wi-Fi: Some wireless security cameras come equipped with Wi-Fi, so they can broadcast their footage on the internet for you to view anywhere an internet connection exists. This makes it possible to monitor your property even when you're not there.
  • Mobile options: Motion-sensing cameras can offer text alerts that motion is occurring during a monitoring period. They can also offer the option of viewing your property via smartphone.
What should you consider when choosing security cameras?

The type of security camera you need is largely determined by its placement and the time of day you are most concerned about. If a camera will be set up outdoors, then an infrared camera might be a good option. These are able to detect motion and capture images at night when the visible light spectrum is very low. Infrared cameras can detect the heat given off by a person's body and don't need light. On the other hand, if a camera is going to be set up indoors and only run during business hours, then a high-definition camera from Swann that can swivel and zoom to identify people may be preferred over a lower-resolution camera.

Do these cameras have Wi-Fi capabilities?

Yes, many Swann wireless surveillance cameras have Wi-Fi capabilities. Having a wireless camera with Wi-Fi capability can make it possible for you to check in on your house from anywhere using a Wi-Fi signal. You can also place a wider range of battery-powered cameras on a large property, and have remote access to the footage they're capturing, by using cellular data connections.