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The Suhr Guitar for Your Electric Assembly

New and used Suhr electric guitars are powered to get your sound out for a full and crisp notation. The nut, strings, and tuning knobs are adjustable to give you a strong foundation to build music on. These guitars are available from eBay's collection.

Are these guitars only for one type of music?

One guitar may not fit the music you’re playing, but Suhr sorts their models to cover the top genres performed today. The sleek Suhr guitar has inputs to work with any amplifier. These electric setups include effect pedals that extend the tonal range of your music. Start by considering jazz, blues, rock, R&B, or heavy metal as options based on the model.

Suhr guitar tone

Suhr guitars are made at the guidance of specialized artisans. They are designed with a consistent tone quality in mind. Here’s a closer view of those features:

  • Tonal pickups: Each pickup is adjusted for tone and based on the music you expect to play. You do nothing as the frequencies are extracted immediately when you strum.
  • Tested fretboards: The tested fretboards of these guitars are aligned to measurements that the naked eye can’t see. Each change, from model-to-model, alters tone but keeps it central to any specific guitar.
  • Simple cutouts: Cutouts are optional when you want to reach more notes on the fretboard, and you’ll find the exact place for your hands to fit.
  • Aligned bridges: The bridge stabilizes tone and works to keep it consistent as you strum.
  • Rosewood and maple: Materials are a factor in tone by absorbing sound and then dictating how it’s released. Maple and rosewood are common woods that give instruments distinct character from each other.
The Suhr guitar collection

Achieving the sound you want, no matter what that sound is, is made possible with this luthier’s extensive selection of guitars. Some popular guitars in the collection include:

  • Suhr Classic: Capture a vintage, old-school feeling sound with classic models that celebrate antiquity.
  • HH: This thin guitar is lightweight and uses jumbo stainless steel frets for strength.
  • 80’s Shred MKII: Deep shred and distortion sounds come with ease in this model and for those looking for an edge.
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