Improve Your Computer Operation With a 240GB SSD Drive

You can expand your computer's operational capacity with the use of internal or external hard drives, and eBay has a range of affordable drives available. A 240GB SSD solid state drive can provide your computer with enhanced storage capabilities and performance. A solid-state drive can be added to most types of computers or may be swapped with your current hard drive.

What kinds of interfaces are available?

The interface for a 240GB SSD varies and what you choose depends on the computer you own. A Fast SCSI is available for many types of computer models and provides a fast and effective transfer of data. FireWire 400 also creates a quick and efficient transfer rate. Some models are even wireless and provide over a gigabyte of transfer speed. Other interfaces to consider include:

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • PCI Express
  • SAS
  • SATA
  • USB
How do you choose between an internal or external drive?

When adding a 240GB SSD to your computer, there are two options to choose for your installation: external or internal. You can find new and used models of both types on eBay. External SSD models hook up to your computer via various connecting cords and can easily be disconnected and transported.

By contrast, internal SSD models are installed inside your computer so don't require any additional desk space. The choice depends on how permanent you want your 240GB SSD to be for your computer model. Individuals who plan on swapping out multiple drives may want an external drive.

Can you run games on a 240GB SSD?

You can play games and run software from an SSD drive once it is formatted for your system. Formatting requires plugging it into your computer via the appropriate interface. An automatic formatting process will then make sure that it can store and run data for your laptop or desktop. When selecting games and software, you need to consider other specifications of your computer such as RAM and type of processor.