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Snow Blowers

For areas where a high annual snowfall is all but guaranteed, snow blowers are essential. These winter weather tools range in size and power, and depending on the model, they can clear everything from a light dusting of snow to a blizzard. Homeowners of all types will be able to find one that meets their winter weather needs.

What types of snow blowers are available?

  • Single-stage electric: There are two types of single-stage snow blowers: electric and gas. Electric models are used for clearing snow drifts less than 6 inches. They also have cords. Homeowners with short, level driveways who rarely get more than half a foot of snow will likely find these models up to the task.
  • Single-stage gas: Gas snow blowers can be used on snow levels of up to 9 inches. They are cordless, which makes them easy to use on large driveways and walkways. The engine requires gasoline, but some models come with electric starting features.
  • Two-stage gas: These models can clear more than a foot of snow at a time, and they are great for long or inclined driveways. They are equipped with a fan-like impeller, which throws snow a considerable distance. Two-stage models are good for homeowners with gravel driveways as the auger does not come into contact with the ground.
  • Three-stage gas: To clear multiple feet of snow, a three-stage blower may be needed. These models feature an accelerator, which speeds up the snow clearing process. These blowers are large and heavy and are necessary for homeowners who have to contend with heavy annual blizzards.

What features do snow blowers generally have?

A good snow blower combines the attributes of chute control with clearing ability, which ensures that you can send a large amount of snow in the direction of your choice. To optimize efficiency, many blowers come equipped with a variety of features, including:

  • Electric starter: The electric starter function gives you the ability to plug the machine into a power receptacle in order to start the engine.
  • Clearing width: This determines the amount of snow that the blower can clear with a single pass. Snow blowers with more power can clear a path of 30 inches or more.
  • Variable speeds: High-quality blowers have multiple speeds, which gives you more control over how quickly you plow through snow. They may have as many as six forward speeds and two reverse speeds.
  • Power steering: This feature enhances maneuverability.
  • Headlights: When you are clearing snow in low light conditions, headlights can be a big help.
  • Heated hand grips: Heated hand grips keep hands warm during the snow blowing process.