Silicone Gel Rubber Cell Phone Cases and Covers For the iPhone 6

Silicone phone cases and covers can be designed with a number of specifications to fit your iPhone 6. Silicone gel cases are flexible and protective, preventing damage to your phone. These case covers come in a number of styles to suit your preferences.

What are silicone iPhone 6 cases?

Silicone cases are phone covers and cases made of silicone gel material that protects your cell phone or mobile device. Silicone gel and TPU are similar materials that are sometimes used in conjunction with each other. Both materials offer flexibility while shielding your phone from damage.

How do you use silicone gel cases?

Use silicone gel cases and covers the same way you would use covers made of other materials. Silicone gel is often combined with other stretchy substances to provide additional protection. Because of its pliability, these iPhone 6 phone covers can be easily installed to the outer surface of your phone, depending on its design.

What kind of silicone cases covers are there?

Silicone gel cases come in an array of colors and designs for various phone types. Some cases have brand name designs and colorful patterns. Others are simplistic in style and offer practicality. Still, others offer a combination of both style and functionality. Here are some different types of silicone cases:

  • Shockproof: Prevents shock when phone is accidentally dropped or thrown
  • Hybrid: indicates Two different materials or textures used often shockproof
  • Ultra thin/ultra slim: Provides a thin layer of protective outer casing
  • Waterproof/water-resistant: Allows you to submerge or wet your phone with little to no damage
  • Rugged: Indicates a rugged or highly textured thicker finish
What is the difference between silicone and TPU?

Silicone or silicone gel and TPU are both flexible rubber-like materials used for phone covers and cases. Silicone is pliable, soft and stretchy while TPU is flexible but with a firmer plastic-like finish. Both are designed to protect your iPhone 6 or device from shock and damage. Some iPhone 6 cases and covers will use these terms interchangeably for their descriptors. These materials can be joined together or with other substances such as rubber, plastic or metal to form a hybrid case.

What are features of silicone gel covers and cases?

Phone covers and cases can do more than protect your iPhone 6. They are also manufactured with diverse features that provide different functional options. Some typical iPhone 6 phone case features are as follows:

  • Kickstand: Lets you prop your iPhone 6 up for hands-free viewing
  • Wallet/card pocket: Provides compartments for personal items such as credit cards and IDs
  • Clip: Enables you to clip your phone onto objects such as belts and pockets
  • Projector: Projects videos and pictures on to any surface
  • External photo lens: Allows you to take professional-grade photos using an attachable lens
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