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Side Marker Lights for Volvo XC70

Side marker lights add extra illumination to your Volvo XC70 for added safety. Finding the right side marker lights can be a simple process with the right resources. With a wide selection of side marker lights, you can find something for your Volvo XC70.

What is the difference between LED and incandescent marker lights?
  • Incandescent bulbs for lights come standard in the Volvo XC70. These will generally be halogen bulbs that will need to be periodically replaced. These are easy to find and don’t require any modifications when purchased for your Volvo.
  • LEDs will typically provide brighter light and use less energy. On most Volvo XC70 vehicles, LEDs will not be standard and may need additional parts for them to work properly. One advantage is that LEDs are designed to be long lasting don’t need to be replaced frequently.
What are important features to consider?

Find lights that have a waterproof rating of at least IP65 or higher. A sealed system helps minimize corrosion. Choose a lighting system that is based on the correct voltage for the Volvo XC70. LED systems may require a new mounting system, but most LED kits designed for the XC70 will have the parts needed for the upgrade. LED systems will often last for 50,000 hours or more, and are often sealed to keep out water since you aren’t replacing bulbs like OEM lighting systems.

How do you buy lights?
  • Determine which of the side marker lights need to be replaced. Lights at the front of the vehicle will be amber-colored, either the lens or the light bulb, whereas lighting at the back of the XC70 will be red. The listing will refer to which side of the car that the lighting is intended for.
  • Know the make, model, and year of your Volvo XC70. If you’re looking to get a duplicate replacement, Volvo may have changed the design for a particular year.
  • Decide whether you want to get OEM parts or try out an aftermarket version. Many aftermarket manufacturers have systems available that look similar to the stock versions in your Volvo. If you choose to purchase nonstandard aftermarket lights, you may need to utilize a custom mounting design.
  • Colored lenses or colored bulbs. With colored lenses you can utilize easier to find white bulbs. If you choose to use colored bulbs, make sure that you’re getting the correct type for the front and back marker lights.
What bulbs type is needed to replace the OEM lights?

Model 194 amber and clear bulbs are compatible with Volvo XC70s between model years 2003 to 2007. These are halogen-filled bulbs that will fit directly into the housing unit. There are also some LED replacements that are a direct fit for marker light sockets. To ensure that youre getting the correct lights, you should always search by the model, make, and year for accuracy.