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Side Marker Lights for Scion xB

The Scion xB is a completely unique vehicle from Scion that has the appearance of a large cube. This vehicle has lots of interior space for the driver and passengers and plenty of cargo space too. Side markers work with LED taillights and fog lights to increase your safety on the road.

Where do these products work on the xB?

The name side marker tells you that youll use these products on the sides of your Scion xB. Each one creates an extra pop of color that helps other drivers see you. They can tell when you want to make a turn and when youre about to come to a stop. Some products will work only on the front of your car. Others will only work on the back. You will also need to pay attention to placement in terms of which side it works on. Those designed for the left will not work on the right and vice versa. This is because the right and left side lights angle toward the car in different directions.

What are the colors available for side markers?

Side markers work like extra taillights but also work on the front of the vehicle. The color of the bulb inside may be completely clear or slightly darker in color. This darker color produces an amber ray that has a softer look. You should consider the color of the cover used, too. These colors include:

  • Black: Black covers are actually more of a dark gray. Choosing black helps the new covers blend with the look of a darker Scion xB. If you have a lighter paint color, choosing black creates a more dramatic look.
  • Red: Red is a much brighter and bolder color. This catches the eye of any pedestrians on the street and other drivers better than other colors can.
  • Amber: Side markers in an amber color have a neutral look that blends with your paint color.
  • Clear: If you want something more basic, go for a clear part. This lets all the brightness produced shine right through the plastic.
How is OEM different from aftermarket products?

Original Equipment Manufacturer products are parts that come from Scion. OEM products will work with both the first generation and second generation of the Scion xB. The first generation lasted from 2003-2006, and the second generation ran from 2007-2015. Aftermarket products come from other companies such as Eiko, Wagner, and OE+ and are compatible with the Scion xB.

What comes in a kit?

To save yourself some time when replacing your side markers, look for a kit. These kits come with all the parts needed to repair and replace side markers. Youll get the assembly that holds the whole thing on your xB, a bulb that produces the light you need, and a cover. Some sets come with multiple components for replacing one or more of the side markers on a Scion xB.