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Fiat 500 Side Marker Lights

Side marker lights on the Fiat 500 provide illumination to the area where you are driving and allow other drivers to see you and your planned route. Keeping them in good shape is important. You also have some scope to express your style in what you choose to install on your car.

What is an OEM side marker light?

OEM is an abbreviation in the automotive industry that stands for original equipment manufacturer. A part that is designated OEM came from whatever company designed and built the part for that vehicle when it was brand new. Usually, the main company does not do all the work, and it outsources things like lighting to smaller firms. These firms, the OEMs, build the lights and send them to Fiat for installation. They also produce some extras to sell directly to car buyers as replacements. An OEM part has value because it is an exact replacement of the original. It will fit and integrate properly, and it measures up to the same standards for safety, compliance, and durability.

Any part that is not from the OEM is considered aftermarket. These are mostly the same as the OEM parts, but sometimes they can differ in ways like color or the materials used. Aftermarket parts can provide an upgrade to newer technology or just a different style.

What lens colors are available for Fiat lights?

There are four color categories for side lights: amber, red, clear, and tinted. Depending on the type of plastic used in the lens, how thick the lens is, and whether or not the lens is textured, the color can be bright or dark. Having the right color is important for brake lights, turn indicators, and other special cases, but it may be personal preference. A clear lens just allows the natural color of the bulb to shine through. This natural color can be yellow, white, or blue depending on what bulb you use.

Is car position important for Fiat lights?

Yes. You must ensure that you are getting lights or parts for the correct side or corner of your car. The curvature of the body means that lights suitable for the front often do not work for the back. Wiring in the doors can also vary between sides if, for example, there is a sliding door on only one side of the car. This will affect the installation of any lighting there.