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Sharp TV, Video and Home Audio Remote Controls

Selecting the Right Sharp Remote for Your TV

Having the right remote control is essential for getting the most out of your Sharp TV. Some remote controls are unique to a specific Sharp TV while other remotes are universal and will work with almost any TV. Whether you are looking to replace a lost or broken TV remote or you simply want to have a spare remote, it is important to choose the right one.

Whats the difference between standard remotes and universal remotes?

Generally speaking, a standard remote control only works for specific TV models or brands. On the other hand, a universal remote will often work for most (if not all) Sharp models and brands. It is important to examine the specs of the remote control you are considering purchasing. Do this before you purchase the TV remote control in order to make sure the control will work for your Sharp TV.

Do replacement remote controls need programming?

It depends on the remote control. Some universal remotes for Sharp need to be programmed to work with your specific TV while others work fine without any programming. If you prefer not to have to program your remote, take this into account when selecting a remote.

How can you find the model of your Sharp TV?

It is crucial to know your particular TV in order to select the right TV control if you are going with a Sharp model-specific remote. Keep in mind that each TV manufacturer provides the TV identification information in different ways. If you dont know which Sharp TV you have, here are some ways you can find out. (Pro tip: Once you locate the information using one of the following methods, take a picture of it with your smartphone for easy reference in the future.)

  • Check the owners manual: If you still have the manual somewhere, it should clearly state the type and specifications for your Sharp TV. This information is often printed on the front cover of the manual although sometimes it is printed inside the manual.
  • Check the back of your TV: Most Sharp TVs have a label attached to the back that lists the serial number. For example, it may say "Sharp" near the top, "LCD Television" on the next line, and finally the model number on the next line.
  • Check the side of your TV: Some have the label with serial number and other information attached to the side rather than the back.
  • Search for the original packaging: The original box from Sharp will almost always have the product identification number printed somewhere prominently.
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