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Go Retro With a Sharp Boombox

A Sharp boombox lets you play all of your vintage 80s cassettes or transfer them to digital formats for quality sound and safekeeping. Get the information on this retro product you need below to help narrow down your choices on eBay.

What devices are compatible with the Sharp GX-BT9X boombox?

Any Bluetooth-enabled Android or Apple device that streams audio is compatible with the Sharp GX-BT9X. This includes phones and tablets. The Sharp GX-BT9X also has a USB input for wired connectivity as well as ports for guitar, mic, and other audio inputs. Beyond streaming music, the Sharp GX-BT9X is also a viable soundbar or central speaker component in a multi-channel home theater setup. Pairing the GX-BT9X varies according to your host device, so consult your user manual to confirm specific steps, but it generally entails the following steps:

  • Turning on the Bluetooth function on the Sharp GX-BT9X as well as on your phone or tablet
  • Selecting the Sharp GX-BT9X as a viable option on your phone or tablet
  • Adding the Sharp GX-BT9X
Can vintage Sharp boomboxes convert cassettes to CD?

Yes, they can, but you need to pick up a few additional accessories to achieve this goal. Pick up a cassette-to-CD USB capture and CD-R discs if you don't already have them. There are gently used and brand new options available on eBay. The capture connects your Sharp boombox directly to your computer or optical CD-R drive, letting you transfer analog cassette music to a digital format. The capture has corresponding audio jacks on one end that plug into your vintage boombox and a USB male adapter at the opposite end to interface with your computer.

How many CDs can you play in a Sharp boombox?

It depends on the boombox. Some have a single CD drive, whereas others have as many as eight, boasting continuous play and shuffle capabilities. One to two cassette decks is the norm, with an AM/FM radio tuner. The cassette deck records directly from the radio or any playing CD at the touch of a button. Navigation and volume controls are typically located on the front or top of the boombox as are radio station dials and function buttons to switch between radio, CD and cassette operation.

Are there detachable speakers with extra bass?

Sharp boomboxes come in all shapes and sizes, with detachable speakers and extra bass. Although speakers detach, they remain connected to the tuner by wire, offering flexibility of speaker position up to a certain distance in every direction. The Sharp GX-BT9X is an exception; its Bluetooth capabilities let you position it anywhere you like within a wide radius. As for bass, there are boombox models with built-in graphic equalizers for custom manipulation of harmonics and sound quality, letting you adjust treble, mid-range tones, and bass to your liking.