Scissor Lifts

Scissor Lifts: How to Get the Height and Safety That You Need

Scissor lifts are a great option for ensuring you and your employees can safely get to items that are up high or can safely change out signs; there are even scissor lifts for cars. If you need to be able to reach high often, it is time to skip the scissor lift rental and purchase one for yourself. There are many different types of scissor lifts, but no doubt you can find the new or used scissor lift for sale on eBay that will fit your needs.

What different types of scissor lifts are there?

Scissor lifts are versatile, can fit into smaller spaces, and make jobs that require height much safer for the person doing them. They can also help speed up the time it takes to get a job done. There are several types of lifts to choose from, and each kind is beneficial for different job types. Lets take a look at the different types of lifts and what their applications are.

  • Car scissor lift: A car scissor lift is made to safely lift a car up so you can work under it. Unlike built-in lifts used in many auto shops, a car scissor lift can be easily moved to where it is needed, so it is ideal for the backyard mechanic or small business.
  • Boom lift: A boom lift is self-propelled, so you can drive it around while you are lifted. To move it to a completely different piece of property, you will have to get it onto a truck or trailer.
  • Cherry picker: A cherry picker is a man lift that is trailer-mounted, so it can be towed to where it is needed. Once they are in place and being used, they cannot be moved until the lift is brought down again.
What safety features do man lifts have?

If you are looking for a boom lift for sale or other types of man lifts for sale, then it is likely in part because you want to have a tool that increases safety. Here are some safety features of man lifts:

  • Safety cage
  • Door that locks in
  • Easy to use controls
What brands make scissor lifts?

Man lifts are mostly an industrial need, so there are a limited number of brands that make them. While the name most people know is Genie scissor lifts, Haulotte and JCB also make industrial man lifts as well.