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Small Storage With Memory Card Adapter

Memory card adapters are the cases used for small memory cards. With them, you can use your microSD card on devices that have a standard slot for SD cards. SanDisk is one of the producers of these adapters.

What is an SD card adapter?

A microSD card adapter is used to hold a small micro SD card inside itself in order to plug it into a computer. The slots on many devices for SD cards are standard in size, and that is why the micro cards created for mobile devices and cameras cannot fit in those devices unless there is an SD adapter. This holding case has a hollow space inside where the smaller card can fit.

What are the different sizes?

The two different variations are:

  • Standard - Standard-sized cards are 32 by 24 mm in size.
  • Mini - Mini cards are smaller and are 21.5 by 20 mm in size.

Both versions of holders for MicroSD are electrically passive, so they do not have any electrical components and only serve the purpose of a container for the small card.

What are the physical details of SD holders?

The length of the card is longer than the width. The corpus of the card has an arrow that points the direction in which the card is inserted. The body is light and made of plastic or light metal material. The case has a safety function - a lock switch that can protect the card inside from having its contents changed.

What are the different card families?

Secure Digital (SD) cards fall into four different family categories. There are the:

  • Standard Capacity (SDSC)
  • High Capacity (SDHC)
  • Extended Capacity (SDXC)
  • Combined Input/Output function (SDIO)

These are the different generations of cards, and each consecutive one comes with a larger speed and capacity. The card cases are neutral towards the family of the MicroSD SanDisk card and can hold any one of them since the sizes are standard. Many microSD cards come with their own adapters in a case although any one of them can be used.

How do you insert and remove the SanDisk memory card?

Take the card holder and micro card. Have them both facing up. Insert the small card into the slot of the case holder. Push the small card until the bottom levels with the bottom of the card holder. It should fit exactly. To remove the card, pinch the visible part of the small card with your index finger and thumb and pull.

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