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Turn up the Sound with Samsung Soundbar, Home Speakers, and Subwoofers

When youre sitting on the couch watching TV or a movie, having clear sound can make a difference in your overall experience. Having speakers, subwoofers, or a soundbar can make it seem like your living room has turned into a small movie theater with surround sound. Samsung makes a variety of products that you can use individually or in combination with each other.

What does each component do?

The sound that we hear comes in a range of frequencies, so it can be helpful to have different elements that focus on different parts of the sound. Samsung soundbar, home speakers, and subwoofers each play a different role:

  • Sound Bar: This component usually goes right in front of your television. It can work as an all-in-one system since it usually contains multiple drivers. It can also work in conjunction with other components.
  • Speakers: They can be placed strategically throughout a room to give you a surround-sound experience. They can also be called drivers, and some units contain multiple drivers. In that case, each driver would be set up to reproduce different frequencies. Ones set up for the higher audio frequencies are called tweeters, the middle-range ones are called mid-range drivers, and the lower-range ones are called woofers.
  • Subwoofer: A subwoofer emits the sounds that come from the lower end of the frequency range. These bass tones can add to the richness of the overall audio. You can use one Samsung subwoofer to round out your system, or you can use multiple ones to make sure all of the audio information is adequately emitted.
What size are Samsung home speakers?

Each home theater may be suited to a particular set up. If you have a large room, you might consider getting larger products. Usually, a greater surface area on the speaker can translate into better and louder sound. Some towers are a few feet tall that could be placed on either side of your television or sound system. If you have a smaller room, there are several options that you have. Some models are just a few inches tall and can be placed on TV stands and bookshelves, and many can be mounted on the wall. Some of the smaller and medium ones are omnidirectional, broadcasting sound in all directions. In some cases, the various speakers can be adjusted with a remote control.

Are there any wireless speakers from Samsung?

If you prefer not to have wires running through your room, you can go with a wireless option. Wireless soundbars, wireless subwoofers, and wireless speakers can connect with televisions, computers, and tablets through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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