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Samsung 50-60 Inch TVs

Samsung 50 to 60-Inch TVs

TV has a great impact on the world. Whether you are preparing to watch a movie or a sports event, television provides multiple entertainment options. Samsung 50 to 60-inch TVs offer features and services for all viewers.

What features are available for these Smart TVs?

The following features are available:

  • Voice interaction: This smart TV feature enables voice and command search. You can use voice interaction to turn the TV on or off.
  • Multimedia: You can play media files stored on smartphones, computers, and USB devices. Multimedia sub-panels include a USB drive and storage service.
  • Apps: These TVs include various apps. The types of apps that are available are weather, sports, entertainment, etc. Some of the apps come standard. Others can be downloaded from the app store.
  • Smart view: This allows TVs and devices to connect together and share content.
  • Internet access: Samsung televisions allow internet access and web browser search capability.
  • HDR resolution: HDR resolution creates images by providing contrast between dark and light imagery. HDR is short for high dynamic range.
What screen types are available for Samsung TVs?

Samsung smart television screen types include:

  • QLED: This stands for quantum dot display. These types of displays use nanocrystals to produce blue, green and red lighting.
  • Lifestyle Frame TV: The Lifestyle Frame TV allows the TV to showcase art from a picture frame, which surrounds the TV. It does not show a black screen. It shows artwork and digital art pieces, layouts and color schemes.
  • 4K/Premium Ultra HD: Ultra HD stands for Ultra High Definition. 4K TVs are included in the Ultra HD TV series. They offer 8.3 million pixels and 4K resolution.
How do you adjust the picture quality?

You can adjust and configure TV picture quality by using the following steps:

  • Take the Samsung Smart Remote, and press the Home key.
  • Use the remote to choose Settings.
  • Choose Picture.
  • Select Expert Settings. Choose your picture settings.
  • Choose to Adjust one of the following settings: Backlight, Contrast, Tint, Sharpness, Color, or Brightness.
How do you connect a game console?
  • Connect one side of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the TV, and connect the other side to the port on the console.
  • If available, connect your console to a cable box.
  • Take the cable HDMI plug from the TV, and plug it into the game console.
  • Take the power cord of the game console, and plug it into a wall.
  • Power on the game console, and follow further steps provided by the game console manufacturer.
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