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Salon Scissors and Shears

Having the right blade makes cutting hair much easier for a stylist or barber. Professional hair scissors and thinning shears used in salon settings can be purchased for home use, too. A cutting shear or thinning blade can be used on both men and women.

What are thinning shears used for?

A thinning shear is a cutting scissor used by a stylist or barber to thin a persons hair. The scissors can also be used to texturize and remove bulk while still maintaining the shape of the haircut. What makes these shears different than a regular cutting scissor is the way in which the blades are made. One edge is razor sharp and smooth, and the other is notched. The notched edge prevents every hair from being cut when the scissor is used. The scissors skip over chunks of hair and provide a way of sculpting and shaping the hair. A salon hairstylist will usually have a collection of different types of cutting scissors.

How do you use a thinning shear?

Use a shear with 25 teeth for blending and texturizing. Very thick manes will require scissors with fewer teeth. Fewer teeth mean more bulk will be removed during the cutting process. A good barber or salon stylist knows you cant add hair back, so remember to start by cutting away slowly. Heres how to use these shears for cutting away bulk and texturizing the ends.

  • Comb through freshly washed hair and get the tangles out.
  • Grab a section of damp hair and pull it away from the scalp. Working with one small section at a time is a good way to begin.
  • Cut once horizontally one inch above the ends. The scissors will remove what the flat blade cuts and skip the hair caught against the teeth and razor.
  • Continue to cut an inch above the ends until you make your way around the head.
How are styling scissors sharpened?

A sharp salon scissor can become dull with repeated cutting. Both flat blade scissors and texturizing scissors should be razor sharp to get a clean cut. Many salon and barber professionals have relationships with local people who grind scissors for a living. If youre using your scissors at home, having a high-quality sharpener within reach makes caring for a cutting shear easy to do. Manual sharpeners can be used but are designed to work on a shear with flat blades.