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Rothco Men’s T-Shirts

Rothco men's T-shirts are designed to be an attractive and practical addition to a man's wardrobe. Rothco has produced men's military T-shirts and tactical gear since the company began in the 1950s.

What are the different styles of Rothco T-shirts?

There are several types of Rothco T-shirts available whether you are looking for loose-fitting or something that is tighter.

  • Long sleeves: These tees cover the arms and are usually worn in cooler weather.
  • No sleeves: These tees have no sleeves attached to them.
  • Muscle: These models are made of synthetic materials and are designed to fit the body loosely.
  • Shapewear: These are meant to be worn under other clothes. They are made of a dense and stretchy material that is designed to make the body appear thinner.
  • Short sleeved: The sleeves end above your elbow. They are mostly loose-fitting.
  • Tank top: These are usually used for exercising. Athletes and bodybuilders also wear these shirts to show off their muscles.
What are the different designs of Rothco T-shirt necklines?
  • High crewneck: This is rounded and usually hangs from the base of the neck.
  • Low crewneck: This is a rounded neckline that hangs lower than the high crewneck.
  • High V-neck: These tees have a neck hole in the shape of a V that is about 3 inches from the base of the neck.
  • Low V-neck: This design hangs lower than the high V-neck.
What should you look for when choosing a tee?
  • Arms: When choosing a tee, the arms of the T-shirt should be at the halfway point of the upper arms.
  • Shoulders: Look for slim-fitting shirts, although you should leave enough space for your shoulders to breathe.
  • Waist: Men who have bigger chests and narrow waists should look for tees that have tapered cuts and do not drape around the midsection.
  • Length: The length of the T-shirt should not go below the hip and should at least cover the waistband.
How should you wear T-shirts?

Rothco produces an extensive line of military-inspired clothing, which can be worn both casually and in tactical exercises. Camo tees and graphic tees can be paired with other military-inspired clothing or with casual attire such as khakis or jeans.

What are the types of T-shirts available?

Tees can also be classified according to colors and graphic designs. The available Rothco men’s T-shirt designs include:

  • Classic tees: These mainly come in bold colors. White classic shirts are common.
  • Graphic T-shirts: These are tees with images on them.
  • Camo tees: These are military shirts that are specifically designed for camouflage.